Project B P USN: 1NH18 MCA 52

Project Title: “STUDENT ENROLLMENT SYST EM” Name: AISHWARYA B P USN: 1NH18 MCA 52 1 Dept: MCA Sem: 3Sem1.INTRODUCTION : In the existing system, most of the records are maintained on paper. It becomes very inconvenient to modify the data. In the existing system here is a possibility that the same data in different registers may have different values which means the entries o f the same data do not match. This inconsistent state does not supply the concrete information which poses a problem in the case information related to particular search record. Our project is very useful.

User is no longer required to check his register in search of records as now it can be searched over the software by choosing some options. The user need not to type in most of the information. He or she just required to enter t he desired options. On the whole it liberates the user from keeping lengthy manual records. In today’s world, no one likes to perfo rm manually when computer is there .Every one wants their work to be done by computer automatically and displaying the re sult for further manipulations. so this project is about providing convenience regarding student information management system.1.

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1 PROJECT DESCRIPTION The project entitled “STUDENT ENROLLMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” is be ing implemented using Java and Mysqldata Base. The project entitled “STUDENTT ENROLLMENT MA NAGEMENT SYSTEM” is being used to store the complete in formation of the student who taken admission in particular college which can provide easy access of information. It main tains the info rmation about student including personal data and edu cational data of the student . This project provides confidentiality of the data, because only the authorized person can access the information.

The data can be retrieved whenever we needed and also it c an be modified.2. EXISTING AND PROPOSED SYSTEM EXISTING SYSTEM : The data is being stored manually across many files where it leads to loss of data and the updating of data cannot be performed easily.

Often the data is mismanaged and data inconsistency may occur. The data is also not secured and is difficult to maintain. It also leads to some human errors. Consumes lot of books in maintaining records.

Drawbacks of Existing System ? More man power ? ? ? Time consuming ? ? ? Consumes large volume of pare work ? ? ? Needs manual calculations ? ? ? Lack of security dataPROPOSED SYSTEM: The following docum entation is a project the “STUDENT ENROLLMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM”. It is a detailed summary of all the drawbacks of the old system and how the new proposed system overcomes these shortcomings. The new system takes into account the various factors while designing a new system. It keeps into the account the Economical bandwidth available for the new syst em. The foremost thing that is taken care of is the need and requirements of the user.2.1 TOOLS AND TECHNOLOGIES USED TOOLS : Eclipse Neon Mysql TECHNOLOGIES : JAVA 3. HARDWARE;SOFTWAREREQUIREMENTS 3.

1 SOFTWARE CONFIGURATION Operating System Languages : Windows 10 : Java Backend : My sql3.2 HARDWARE CONFIGURATION Processor : Pentium Processor RAM : 4 Gb Hard -Disk : 100 Gb Input Device : Keyboard and mouse etc Output Device : Monitor and printer4.SYSTEM DESIGN ARCHITECTURE 4.1 MODULE DESCRIPTION The project has 2 main modules namely ? Admin ? ? ? student ? ? Modules Activities In Brief: Modules of the Proposed Project : ? Login – an act of logging in to a computer, database, or system.

.? ?? Register – students as to register in order to login authentication . ? ?? Edit – Edits the contents recorded where only admin as the access. ? ?? Delete – Deletes the records that are no more needed.

? ?? Save – adds the inserted values in to the database. ? ?? Update -updates the records. ? ?? Search -search the records that are required. ? ?? Exit – Close the program ?Description of Modules Admin Login : This module allows you to login into system by providing admin_id and password. This login function take admin_id and password from the admin and checks data in database table, If admin provide proper value then he can access the system.

4.2 DATA FLOW DIAGRAM Login management Student Management t Admin management Student enrollment Management System Fees management4.4 DATABASE DESIGN An entity –relationship model describes inter -related things of interest in a specific domain of knowledge. An ER model is composed of entity types and specifies relationships that can exist between instances of those entity types.5. Software Testing So ftware testing is the process of evaluation of the software product, Testing is used to test the software by given input and expected output. In other words testing is also known as validation and verification Two basic software testing is there box testing.

2.white box testing B lack box testing is one testing technique, it is also known as functional testing . Black box testing offen used for validation. It is not focus on internal mechanism of the software ,it is mainly focus on output it means external mechanism. W hite box testing is also one testing technique, It is also know as structural testing and glass box testing. It is mainly focus on internal mechanism of the software.

,Types of Testing There are many types of testing are there Unit testing Integration testing Fuction al testing System testing Stre ss testing Acceptability testing Beta testing Performance testing Usablity testingScreen shots : Student login:Student Registration Form: sAdmin login :Student information :Edit information :CONCLUSION Owing to the vastness of the information to be stored and the diverse tasks of student enrolment management system involves, maintaining the Database becomes enormous. A well designed project can go a long way in the efficient management of all the information. The a lumni database system tracking application has been implemented to store the student information and user friendly Interfaces. The implementation of the project using the concept of java and database.. Change is the only constant thing in this world .A He art full attempt is made to the software to be bug free as we know “To errors is Human”, there may be some bugs.

Future Scope And Further Enhancement Of The Project Future Scope The Student Enrollment Management System (SIMS) can be enhanced to include some other functionality like marks, attendance management. Talent management of students based on their performance evaluation can be added. ? Social networking can also be added wherein students can int eract with each other. ? Online class functionality can be added. ? Can evolve as an online institution. ? Functionality of chat and messages can be added.

? Online exam functionality can be added. ? Online resume builder functionality can also be addedTHANK YOU


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