Prolonged smaller room for this technique to unleash

Prolonged engagement is a means to grasp the point of the research setting, understanding the context, its features and details, thereby minimizing distortions; it gets materialized with credibility that, in its turn, is gained diachronically. However, my study is based on a series of interviews, leaving smaller room for this technique to unleash its strength.
Despite having worked for Equinor for more than 10 years and engaged in the business environment in which cooperation between Azeris and Norwegians was clearly visible for observation at different angles, I have not been involved personally in all areas – and levels – of cooperation in my company. On the other side, my acquaintance with some Equinor staff members, who had built up long-lasting working relationship with Socar in the framework of joint projects, was my forte. Those people also knew me well, for they followed egalitarianism, an integral part of the Norwegian culture. Equinor’s corporate culture was another advantage for it gave me unimpeded access to contact C-suite level management and invite them to being interviewed face to face or by means of videotelephony.


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