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Psychological contract is about what the employees beliefs and what they receive or should receive because they perceive that their employer conveyed promises to provide those thingsin exchange for their contributions (Robinson, 1996, p. 575). Something organization organizations are unable to meet the expectations of employees this leads to psychological contract breach that effect the job satisfactions and effective commitment .Job satisfaction and effective commitment are the continuous goals of every organization as both increase the productivity of the organization so this study examines the effects of PCB on two critical organizational outcomes job satisfaction and affective commitment in banking industry and the moderating effects of two variables tenure and educational level are also tested and find is there any relationship between psychological contract breach on job performance and effective commitment as a tenure moderator there are two school of thoughts one said that longer tenure effect positively on employee attitude and behaviours as the longer period of time result the acceptance of authority and organizational rule and regulation however, There is a second school of thought contradicting the aforementioned arguments. According to some scholars, employees with a short term of office in the organization are generally more accepting, optimistic, and enthusiastic about the new work environment and tend to demonstrate high levels of motivation to be in their first months Works that are referred to as the “honeymoon period” than those with a longer term of office (Cropanzano, James & Konovsky, 1993; Helmreich foto, Sawin & Carsrud, 1986; Wright &, 2002). According to Rainey (2003), employees with long term of office become increasingly fatigued and leery and thus show lesser tolerance for the decisions, policies, and actions of organizations (CoyleShapiro, 2002). This research is essential for organizational performance as employees are important assets who can make the organization work better if they are have effective commitment and job satisfaction


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