Public a political party because in that,

Public opinion is how the American citizenry views the politics. The public opinion is important in politics because they are the government of the people. we as the people consent to our government because we expect it to have our rights protected. The public opinion can add up to multiple people and it can turn into one mass of opinions. The people are allowed to have their own opinion, they can say whatever and whenever they would like.

If someone is not given the right to give their own opinion, it can start something bad and everyone will turn against it. An interest group, or a bunch of people with the same goal of trying to influence public policy. They are different from a political party because in that, they chose to not run their own candidates for office, while that, they try to seek more of a policy goal rather than a party. There is multiple reason why there are so many interest groups throughout the United States. Also, why they have been way more active in all of the election. Majority of the interest groups will not participate in the elections, what they will do though is support them as the candidates financially. The main goal of electing a public official is what brings all of the political parties and what keeps them apart from all of the other groups.

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There are two main parties in the United States of America and they are the Republican and Democratic parties. They both have very different morals, but they both work towards the same goal, and that is to do their best to continue to make our country great. With these two parties, there are a lot of people who have multiple opinions on what they believe in and that is the main difference between them both.


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