Public Pembroke-shire County council and Belfast city

Public sector travel and tourism organizations in the UK occur at several different levels: • Government-controlled – National and Regional Tourist Boards get funding from central government, e.g.

VisitBritain. • Local government-controlled- Most local councils have a department or members of staff involved with advancement and expanding tourism, e.g. Birmingham city council, Torbay Council in Devon, Pembroke-shire County council and Belfast city council.• Membership organizations- English Heritage is financed from the public money, but also raises income through membership subscriptions.

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1.3 Factors influencing the Public Sector organizations• Economic. The Economical driver plays vital role in tourism and hospitality as creation of both direct and indirect employment through small scale industry, guide services, community services and infrastructural development. Also, the tourist’s financial ability to travel influences on tourism destinations.• Environment.

The natural treats can negatively impact on visitors decrease such as pollution, natural disasters, seasonal pressure and depletion of natural resources as well. Otherwise, tourist places situated closely to rivers, beaches, mountains, forests or other ecosystems can major attracts plenty of tourists.


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