Purchase: Netflix does not require a lot of

Purchase: Free month accessible for all customers and 3 plans/payment optionsavailable: Basic, Standard, and Premium. Customers create a personal accountwith payment information (all major credit cards)and choose the plan preferenceof the three packages Netflix currently offers. Netflix is available in anytime: the place of purchase being attractive and very accessible .

 Delivery: Theonline streaming service is available immediately after customer purchase – notphysical delivery is necessary. Customers are interested in the DVD rentalservice get discs with US Portal Service First Class Mail. Netflix ships to all50 states and US territories. It takes only three business days. There is agreat amount of compatibility with product; it is playable on almost each typeof device.

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This includes the following: Apple TV, iOS devices (Apple), Androiddevices, PC and many others. There is no additional charge for customers tohave Netflix integrated or downloaded on these devices.Use: Netflixis easy and straightforward to set up and later use. The interface hassimplicity and user-friendly. The first login requires that customers pickthree preferred shows or movies; this is used to help the system with therecommendation lists provided for the customer. Customer are able to createdifferent ‘profiles’ or pages for different family member or users.

Theseprofiles include recommendations and viewing history. There genres andcategories. Netflix also saves the point at which a viewer stopped watching amovie or show so that viewers can easily go back to it later anywhere andanytime.

Maintenance: Netflixdoes not require a lot of maintenance. Customers are billed monthlyautomatically for the subscription service; they are not required to make amanual payment. Customers are also able to change payment methods, serviceplans, and personal account information through the Netflix account afterlogin. Instructions and homepages for each are easily available and a customerservice team is available to assist with any questions, difficulties, orconcerns.Disposal: customers are able to change his or her mind at any time and deactivateor cancel the membership and future payments. Everyone can log onto the personal account and select the cancel option;there is then no billing after that moment.

The account automatically closes.DVD plans can also be cancelled; Netflix can continue the relationship andafter quitting try to win back as customer.


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