Purpose occasionally which provide best opportunity to communicate

Purpose & Goal of the Organization
a. Purpose:
“To deliver world-class lubricating solutions across all industries by supplying the most innovative & sustainable products”
b. Goal:
To establish a profitable & environment friendly business empire by delivering world-class lubricating solutions across all industries by supplying the most innovative & sustainable products especially developed to protect our only planet while meeting their primary purpose. Satisfied customers & smiling employees shall be the most valuable assets of the organization”
c. Communicating the purpose & goal with customers & employees:
• Customers:
Customers are informed through free promotional contents like product guide and brochure (each of them carrying purpose & goal statement along with other relevant information). This stuff is not just packed in the product container, but sent to customers through email and courier.
Seminars and other promotional activities are also held where purpose & goal of the organization are specially focused on.
• Employees:
Employees are informed through daily and weekly meetings as well as through emails.
Other activities like get-togethers & sports activities are also held occasionally which provide best opportunity to communicate with employees.

External Factors:

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1. Political factors:
International Relations:
Local and international politics play a fundamental role in achieving organizational goals.
Better relationship between the UAE- India/Saudi open the doors for our products for more than 1000 million consumers but at the same time bad relations with Qatar & Iran closes the access of our product to over 100 millions other consumers just next door to us.
2. Economic factors:
International sanctions:
US Sanctions on Iran are perfect example of eco-political barrier in our case where a neighboring market of 81 million consumers is no more open to our products.
Also play important role in the market and limit our ability in achieving financial goals and targets.
3. Social factors:
Language barrier- is an important social factor that limits the ability of organization to achieve its goals especially in sales & marketing sections as well as on waste disposal.
Linguistic barrier also plays an important role in community interaction and spreading awareness in community about organizational products & services and their impacts/potential impacts on local community.
4. Technological factors:
Availability/unavailability of the advanced machinery and other installations can critically affect the organization’s ability to fulfill its obligations at nearly every stage including sales, storage, production, delivery ; post-delivery.

5. Legal factors:
Legislations: Limitations imposed by legislative ; other governmental bodies also affects the organizational ability to achieve its goals like, we have plenty of space available in our premises but we cannot enhance our storage capacity since we have already done construction on the maximum allowed space, even though the space is available. It is better on one hand for bundle of understandable reasons but limits our operation capacity.
6. Environmental factors:
Commitment to the Protection of Environment:
Since we have only one planet to live on with finite resource on it, we are obliged to protect this planet and its resources for future generation while performing operations to achieve our goals. Selection of the environment friendly raw material components and proper waste management is very important in this regard. It does hinder the ability of organization to achieve financial goals but at the same increases the chances to prolonged existence of human race on the planet Earth which is complying with our goal to provide environment friend product.
7. Ethical factors:
Truth (in marketing):
A lot of competitors in the market just don’t mind telling fake specifications of the products and try to attract customers by false promises and untrue stories. Though they are exposed shortly later but trust of the consumer/customer is left shaken which mainly affects smaller or medium sizes organization like us in the market. Due to this reason, many big industries and even small customers as well remain stuck to the well-reputed old brands and don’t want to take risk of the new brands which directly and adversely affects us in achieving the goals.

1. Political factors- International Relations
2. Economical factors- International sanctions
3. Social Factors- Language barrier
4. Technological factors- Availability/unavailability of the advanced machinery
5. Legal factors- Legislation
6. Environmental factors- Commitment to the Protection of Environment
7. Ethical factors- Truth (in marketing)


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