Q. However, there are also some negative aspects

Q. Discuss the positive and negative impacts of having English as a global language.In this globalization era, English language is internationally spoken by different community. Additionally, it is learned by many people as a second language. There are many impacts of global English. Some people argues that the English has a significant positive impact as a global languages. The positive merits of global English language helps in education sector and economic success.

However, there are also some negative aspects of English as a global language. The main negative effects of language are cultural identity loss and loss of languages. Therefore, this essay will support that global English language has positive influence across worldwide.To some extent, global English has several positive consequences in many ways. The major negative impact is the cultural identity loss in many countries across the globe. Hatoss states that cultural identity is mainly influenced by adopt second language as an English.

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For example, in developing countries like some nations of Asia and Africa, many cultures affected through run English classes by fluent speakers (Alfarahan 2016, p. 2). Moreover, the same notion applied to the English language learning process one may accept as a second language, it is ultimately lead to culture identity loss of certain community. To instant, Johnson argues that Latin custom decreased gradually reason of adopt English as a second language (Alfarahan 2016, p. 4). The other demerit of global English is vanishing indigenous languages.

Majidi (2013, p. 34) states that the 90 percentage of endangered languages vanished directly or indirectly because presence of English language in Australia. Also, Language experts argues that extinction of endangered languages run from ancient time but typically rate of language disappearance is more about 90 percentage in 21st century across the world(Xue and zuo 2013, p.

2265). Hence, there is some negative aspects of global English. Words-309 Vivek Patel


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