Q1. computer which is placed in the


What is Computer Hardware?
Ans: Computer Hardware is the physical fixtures, components or parts of a computer which we can
Physically touch.

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Give at least THREE examples with their functions.

Ans: a) Central Processing Unit (CPU):
CPU is considered as the brain of the computer which is placed in the system unit. It performs
arithmetical, logical and input/output operations of a computer system.

b) Mouse
A mouse is an input device which helps to position a cursor on the screen of the computer.
There is a button and a roller. The button helps to select and the roller helps in scrolling the
page up and down.

c) Monitor
Monitor is a TV like screen which shows the output of the processed data.

Explain Computer Software.

Computer Software is a set of instructions that instructs the computer about how to do a task or what to do.

List the types of computer software.

Application software
System software
Explain the types of computer software.

Application software:
This software is a type of software that are designed for specific applications or purpose. Application software is also known as end-user programs as they help the user to end up the work like creation of documents, spreadsheets, database etc.

System software
System software is very essential for the function of PC. This software manages the computer hardware along with the applications and data.

Give examples of each type of computer software.

Application software
Eg: a spreadsheet.

It allows the user to enter the date in numberical form,specify formulae and calculate.it also helps to draw graphs out of those data.

System software
Eg: an operating system
It acts as an interface between the user and the computer.the location of the data or information stored will be known only to the operating system.it performs the task of storing and managing.

Q3. Write a short note about Cloud (50 Words) with Graphical Representation.

Cloud is a medium to share and use information that are being stored in several server on a network. Cloud computing is usually used for saving, managing and manipulating data. Software shared in a cloud can be also used.

All the devices connected to internet can get an access to the information on a cloud. It is safe and secure from threats like potential threats.

Q4. Write FIVE differences between Intranet and internet.

Intranet. Internet
It is a private network designed for group of users in an enterprise. Many interconnected systems to share information used by many users.

Limited information available that is related to the users. Unlimited information available.

Data saved is safer. Data saved is not safe.

Less user traffic. More user traffic.

Information in it is accessible to limited users. Information is accessible to large number of users with no restrictions.

Q5. Calculate the following.

1234 / 1024
1234MB=? KB
1234 * 1024
543218 Byte=?MB
543218 / 1024 * 1024
=0.52 MB
543218 Byte=? KB
543218 / 1024
1TB * 1024 * 1024
1TB=? KB
1TB * 1024 * 1024 * 1024
1.24 * 1024 * 1024 * 1024
Q6. There are 87 images of 3.5MB each, 27 video clips of 132MB each, and 5000 songs of 4.2MB in hard disk. You have an 8 GB pen drive (assume that full space available). Now the question is how many song you can able to copy to the pen drive after coping all image and video clip? Show your answer with calculation.

Given: 87 images of 3.5MB each
27 video clips of 132MB each
5000 songs of 4.2MB each
Storage = 8GB
Storage occupied by images
i.e. 304.5/1024
=0.30 GB
Storage occupied by video clips
I.e. 3564/1024
3.48 GB
Total storage occupied
Total space left in GB
= 4.22
Total space left in MB
= 4.22 * 1024
=4321.28 MB
Number of songs that can be copied to the pen drive
Therefore 1028 songs can be copied.


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