QUESTION the use of drugs that is so

The authors main point is about the essay that making people aware about the use of drugs that is so popular and used for the depression. Furthermore, the people who are suffering from the attention deficit disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder become dependable on drugs even though there is a debate about the use of it.
Naturally the disorder affects both children and adults. The author also suffered from the depression that ended up in endless taking of medication to calm down the situation suffered. In fact, people’s life cannot be remotely controlled and some of the drugs can end up deadly situation.

Educators can identify learners suffering from attention deficit disorder by the way that they are easily distracted, being reckless or lazy, misbehaving or naughty. A demonstration of not following the teacher’s instructions and throughs tantrums. An example of this is a child whose intelligence differ from other children.
In theory other children are hyper active not that the child suffers from any kind of disorder. In fact, the child will be diagnosed for the teacher convenience, the parent will agree. Indeed, the child will be put on medication for the school to end up in being in a normal routine.

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A Ritalin is a drug that is known as a stimulant, is not dangerous to life. In practical terms school children are put on the drug moreover for the stimulant that help increase one’s ability to control behavioural problem. For instance, children who are not suffering from this condition are put on drugs to better their school performance. There is a debate about the disorder and diagnoses in addition the number, manner of the prescription is being issued at the school. These question the way the school operates and the facilities that it has. A demonstration of this is an inexperienced teacher.

First, the benefit of the Ritalin drug is giving a calm and emotional character. The strategy is anecdotes, to help all age group to level down the condition that deals with mental illness. Moreover, when a child is diagnosed in the early stage the drug will be able to increase the stimulation of the mind to increase, control one’s ability to stay focused.
In addition, the school also is allowing the drug to be used for the benefit of making calm the uncontrollable child. As a result, the drug makes children and adults to have a self-esteem, boost their concentration. Lastly the author also at some point in time had to use the antidepressant for stress an example of this Sara saw what the drug did to other children during her school years. There are risks of putting the children on antidepressant for instance to get better grades at school. Any drug has its own dosage instructions and likewise to be followed, however they also have a side effect.

The difference between recreational and highly-functional drug user is to remember that recreate refers to refresh or renew however highly-function connotes the performance or mechanism.
Recreational drug user- is a person who uses or take medication or pills for pleasure and relaxation. Highly-functional drug user- has to do with a person who over overdose the medication or pills to reach a hallucination stage.

According to the article an example of recreational drugs is like Ritalin for children with attention deficit disorder and is not a drug. In theory it helps in effective range of conditions such as focus and sustain attention, self-esteem. Furthermore, an example of highly-functional drugs is a Prozac for adults is a drug that deals with stress, depression can be used also by group of all ages.

According to Robyn Sara the author of the essay “society’s overreliance on medication”, illustrate that to those who are defending Ritalin says the drug stimulates the child to increase one’s ability to pay attention, stay focused and control behavioural problem. This can be seen when a child is not been punished frequently at school and cycle of anger will be broken. Moreover, when the child is put on the medication earlier in life it will prevent the damage that will be caused by less self-esteem. Furthermore, it assists in sustaining the child focus and to pay attention in the task given at school. As a result, the child that will be labelled as problematic will be able to fit in the so-called requirement of the society. Therefore, Ritalin is no danger to one’s life.


It is true, in practical terms there is a debate on change of policy especially on the loosen regulations. The society need to stop making unjustifiable findings and consult with the medical professionals. Moreover, when the person is forgetful, has poor grades performance and easily gets misunderstood by the family tension. These regulations will assist in a proper evaluations and prescription to be strict as it involves the cost and benefit of lives, the way the drug makes profit. Furthermore, the individuals and families to guard against the medications because not all are developed to assist what one is born with. These medications cannot face away the root of the problem that is been disguised to have a so-called normal behaviour. For example, the child might out grow the condition that one was diagnosed with. In addition, it becomes a norm for the society to place their values, lives on the medicine forgetting that the author and reader has a special kind of personality.


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