QUIZ 500 words Since a being a little

Your career plan and benefit to your home country: Describe your immediate plans upon completion of your Chevening award. You should explain your longer-term (5-10 year) career objectives and describe how your time in the UK will help you achieve these. You should also discuss how a Chevening award would benefit you and your home country.

Max 500 words
Since a being a little girl I have been fascinated with being a high school Geography teacher ,I have achieved this goal and I await the opportunity to achieving my immediate plan is to become a lecturer in environment after completing my masters In UK of chevening award at the university level. I have Had a unique experience As High teacher mentoring,inspiring and initiating creativity my students that has resulted to, transformation their lifes although dealing with adolescents has not been easy,there has been numerous challenges along the way and as result my skills in organization,communication and creativity have been needed in handy.

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I have taken various courses to prepare for my future goals in information technology,pedagogy,international children trainer as a sunday school teacher.I have volunteered as a counselor and teacher at Shangilia children Home,this deepened my desire to work with children.As a High school teacher,I was assigned as an environmental club patron and I have been awarded with various trophies at community level for tree planting and clean up projects in our village. This triggered my interest in environmental studies and sustainable livehood for my community.

Chevening Program would make my dearest dream come to pass ,by enabling me to acquire a masters programme in environmental studies in Uk,After completing my masters degree,I would dedicate myself in the field of education at the university level that would provide a strong base in formulating policies in environmental conversation this will enable me to understand issues environmental degradation,Protection of Marine life, pollution,environmental assement tools,sustainable development,climate change tools and advocating change.

Pursing a masters degree in UK from chevening programme will be unforgettable experience will enable me prepare to tackle my career in the most professional manner and engage in research in the Environmental issues in Kenya that include deforestation,soil erosion, desertification, water shortage and degraded water quality, flooding, poaching, and domestic and industrial pollution,that will lead to quality lives of Kenyans.Due to my my limited knowledge on the environment policies implemention ,Chevening programme award will enable me to to acquire new ideas and skills on on how to implement this and change the phase of Kenyans lifestyles.

My long term Goal is to become a senior Lecturer in Environment,after pursuing a Phd Degree in Envronment where through my work experiences as a Geography teacher and a reaseacher I would be able to set up constultancy firms that deals with environmental conservation and research.I believe I will be able to become a change maker in my community and my family by being a role model.

Am persuaded Chevening Programme award, will grant me the opportunity to achieve this vision of pursuing my masters Degree in Uk in preparation of my career goal thereafter.


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