Quotes over.” takes into account the importance

Quotes Connection
“Ashima thinks it’s strange that her child will be 1. I can connect to the first quote that I
born in a place most people enter either to suffer chose directly because I in fact live in
or to die … In India, she thinks to herself, women America where most women are taken
go home to their parents to give birth, away from to hospitals in order to give birth. It’s eye
husbands and in-laws and household cares, opening to learn about different traditional
retreating briefly to childhood when the baby arrives.” customs, because I never really thought
about the fact that women give birth in
2. ” Like a kiss or caress in a Hindi movie, a husband’s the same building that other people could
name is something intimate and therefore be dying in. In the United states, nobody
unspoken, cleverly patched over.” takes into account the importance of
Where women give birth, people have
decided that it must occur in the most
convenient location. This is widely
understandable to Americans, for it’s a
trend that has followed our nation for
centuries. Within this quote is proof
of how advanced the United states has
became, for the quote demonstrates how
women have regular household duties
where in America Men share household
2. This quote illustrates how
different gender roles are in India then
America. While women’s’ names aren’t
looked at as special in any way, mens’
names intimate, and shouldn’t be spoken.
If these customs were in place here in the
U.S. many people would protest these customs.

“He remembers the page crumpled tightly Literary Analysis
in his fingers, the sudden shock of the lantern’s This rich quote contains the literary device
glare in his eyes. But for the first time he thinks Antithesis. Specifically, the author uses it when
of that moment not with terror, but with gratitude.” she writes, “But for the first time he thinks of that
Moment not with terror, but with gratitude. This
Shows that Ashima’s husband is developing as a
Character now that he has a baby. I believe that
Gogol being born will be a huge turning point in
Ashima’s life. All of his life up to the moment
Gogol was born, Ashima thought of the train
As a terrible event as would may people.
Ashima looked back at that moment as a
Tragedy, and now that colossal event has
A completely different connotation to Ashima.
This might lead readers into inferring that there
Is a new event that has overtaken that horrible train wreck, and change how he views his entire life.

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1- “She plays with the dirt they’ve dug up from 1- This quote located in Chapter four regards
the yard and threatens to put the dollar bill Sonia’s personality as a baby. It’s much deeper
in her mouth. “This one,” one of the guests than one might suspect at first glance. At Gogol’s
remarks, “this one is the true American.” rice ceremony, when given the choice to pick the
Money, dirt, or writing utensil Gogol sits and cries.
When his sister Sonia is given the choice, she picks
Both the money and dirt. This is important because
It might foreshadow how Gogol and Sonia will grow
Up. For instance, Gogol might not feel the need of
Wealth, or he might be different from most others,
Because at the traditional rice ceremony, the
Biggest part is when the baby chooses one of the
Three objects. In my opinion, I think that based on
What the reader has been told, Sonia will be a lot
Different from Gogol, and she has a better chance
Of being more successful.

“Not only does Gogol Ganguli have a pet name Question
turned good name, but also a last name turned 1 What is the tone of this quote?
first name. And so it occurs to him that no one 2 Does Gogol look at his name negatively or
he knows in the world, in Russia or India or positively based on this quote?
America or anywhere, shares his name. Not
even the source of his namesake.” 1. In my opinion, this quotes tone is
Disappointed. In the excerpt the author writes
“Not only does Gogol Ganguli have a pet name
Turned good name, but also a last name turned
First name.” It’s not terribly obvious, but it does
Sound like Gogol is rather disappointed than
Happy about being different than everybody.
2. In my opinion, I believe that this quote is
Supposed to be looked at as negative. First off,
Most younger kids would much rather be alike
Everybody else, it’s as an adult that people get
Sick of the crowd and try hoist himself/herself
About everybody else. As a child, it’s scary to
Be the only one with a name in the whole world,
Especially when names mean so much to one’s

“Teleologically speaking, ABCDs are unable Vocabulary
to answer the question ‘Where are you from?'” In this excerpt, the author introduces the word
the sociologist on the panel declares. Gogol “Teleological”. At first glance it might seem like it’s
has never heard the term ABCD. He eventually just a synonym of technically as used in the phrase
gathers that it stands for “American-born “Technically speaking”. The problem is the definition
confused deshi.” In other words, him.” of Teleologically is as follows, “relating to or
the explanation of phenomena in terms of the
purpose they serve rather than of the cause by
which they arise.” When you compare the definition
With the text, they really don’t make any sense. I
Concluded that the author added this word in order
the sociologist come off as ridiculous.

“Moushumi has kept her last name. She doesn’t Historical
adopt Ganguli, not even with a hyphen. Her own Historically, in the Indian culture, women have a
last name, Mazoomdar, is already a mouthful. Harder time with name traditions. Tradition states
With a hyphenated surname, she would no longer that the woman shall change her name to her
fit into a window of a business envelope. Besides, husbands’ upon marriage. Moushumi doesn’t do
by now she has begun to publish under Moushumi so, and in her case she is violating American and
Mazoomdar, the name printed at the top of footnoted Bengali culture.
articles on French feminist theory in a number of
prestigious academic journals”

“You are still young, free.. Do yourself a favor. Connection
Before it’s too late, without thinking too much I think that not only me, but almost everyone
about it first, pack a pillow and a blanket and see can relate to this specific quote. Nowadays
as much of the world as you can. You will not there are many people living a very routine
regret it. One day it will be too late.” lifestyle, which doesn’t really seem enjoyable.
There are people that go to school, work for 40
Years, retire then die. School is different now
Than it was many years ago, and so is society.
Everybody wants to stand out now, and live a
Great eventful life. I can connect to this quote
Because like everybody else, I live in our society,
And this idea has been told to me many times
In different words.

“Before landing she slips into the bathroom and Vocabulary
changes, miraculously in that minuscule space.” I thought that the author really helped the reader
with imagery, by using words like minuscule
Instead of just writing “small”. Many people are
Authors, and many people write throughout their
High School experiences. One important thing
That authors must employ is well selected vocab.
Only a small percentage of authors become
Successful, and using boring adjectives doesn’t
help any authors’ case whatsoever. In conclusion,
The use of great diction elevates writing

“On the way to New Hampshire…They drive up Connect
From New York in a rented car, the trunk While I was reading I found this quote interesting
Packed with lots of supplies…On the way to because I have family in Cape Cod Massachusetts
Massachusetts.” which is not far from Boston. I remember driving up
With my dad in a rented car a while back and couldn’t
Help but see the connection. We left from Chicago
Not New York, but we did drive through New York,
Which wasn’t very interesting. Massachusetts is in
Fact very beautiful, and I would love to venture back
In the future.


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