Racial to be less than human. Hitler did

Racial Harmony
Racial harmony is a problem that people face and a problem that we know of, but do we know how big of a problem it is? Or how much of an impact it has on people we may or may not know?. Racial harmony remains an issue in our world, the imbalance between acceptance in different nations leads to conflict, which leads to riots, strikes and so on. The equality in our different countries is still an important social crisis to this day. Although for some of us, we may be surrounded with happiness and equality, out of this circle is a world of conflict, it is not completely filled with the peace and joy we may experience daily.

Without racial harmony, where would the nations’ peace be? These days it is a major problem. The Holocaust is one of the most horrific events in human history. During World War II, Adolf Hitler was the leader of Germany. Hitler had declared the killing anyone who was Jewish, he wanted to get rid of the Jewish race, six million Jewish people were tragically murdered by the Nazis. Hitler believed that the Aryan race was superior and considered Jewish to be less than human. Hitler did not like Jewish people and also blamed them for Germany’s loss in World War I. When I had first heard about this terrible event, I was truly shocked. This goes against everything racial harmony is all about. In the time period of this incident, there was no equality, no peace, and no harmony. It was absurd and opposed God’s teachings.

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Have you heard the teaching “Love your neighbor as yourself”?. It comes from a bible verse, “Love your neighbor as yourself” Luke 10:27. Hearing the word neighbors, we would think of them as the people who live close to us, but in God’s eyes, it meant all of mankind, even the ones we may dislike or hold a grudge on. From the parable told by Jesus, ‘The Good Samaritan’ we learn to love our neighbors. It is an example of racial harmony, where an injured Jew was left injured on the road and a Samaritan helped him. One thing you should know is that Jews usually did not treat Samaritans well and with respect, however he was the only one who helped him. The Samaritan felt compassion and the need to help the man who was battered and bruised. This shows us that we should love our neighbor, to help and care for them no matter who they may be and no matter what past or background they have come from. Everyone deserves to be looked after and treated as equals, not inferiors and superiors.

Christians’ view towards this topic have been influenced by Jesus’ teachings. Christianity teaches us that everyone, no matter who they may be, are all equal in the eyes of God, so we should not treat anyone differently. One teaching of St Paul the apostle that talks about this is “There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” Galatians 2:28. The meaning behind this teaching is that we all have different experiences, looks, backgrounds and many more different qualities, but we are all one to God. As Christians consider God to be their leader, they listen and learn from Jesus’ teachings which make them incredible believers in racial harmony.

There are many people who think that racial tension is a thing of the past, however this is false. Some think that violence can be used to end violence. For example in the Middle-East, the Israelis and Palestinians used violence to hurt each other. How can we expect peace if conflicts like these against religions and races pull us apart? We become separated due to the fact that we all have our own beliefs about others, which results in society and equality.

To conclude, racial harmony is a major conflict going around the world, do we completely have peace? The answer is no, we do not. We can fix this, with God’s teachings, everyone can be educated to weaken the truth of prejudice. By teaching people to look at the conflict from another view, we can help everyone, reduce the amount of racial comments, increase the level of equality, and have harmony.


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