Raising they do? How do you react when

Raising A Child Effectively and LogicallyJasmine SullivanFreshmenSouth Plantation HighschoolNovember 2, 2018The ProblemDo you think you’ll raise a child well? No major problems but how do you think you’ll discipline or react to the things they do? How do you react when you’re in a bad? You react with your emotions not logically. Does this fix anything? Snapping at a younger child doesn’t do a lot but scare them. You think logically, and you’re calm before you discipline and you have something more effective and will last longer in a child’s head.

Snapping because you’re mad would change the constant behavior of how you normally parent and will set off a domino effect of how your child behaves. Consistency is important when parenting because they know what will happen if they step out of line. Emotions aren’t consistent and when reacting with them sets it all off. Kids crave attention either it be positive or negative from the parent and will do anything to get it. Short a quick logical discipline is all that’s really needed. Anything long likes a vent while snapping at a toddler would only get them confused and it wouldn’t get the point across. This also works as they get older, while younger they’re about independence and control around the age of two they start to model off you.

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If they see you snap and get upset, they will too. To raise a child effectively, parenting skills should be based more on logic than emotions.Children are emotional people and don’t know how to act based on logic. You can counteract this emotional behavior with logic since two emotional beings do not work. Not only would this stop constant arguments about simple c


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