Ramandeep family would create psychological, and technical

Ramandeep Kaur (101161478)EUTHANASIA1.

The Video in the link shows us the types of euthanasia and some of the laws which make it hard to be practiced under law. The different people who are associated with it gave their views. They show us the reports about how a person can be accused to murder even if he has no intention or motive for the murder.2.

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A False Mercy- Martin Gumpert (Source: The Nation) According to Martin, Euthanasia as an idea is humane and merciful but as a practice it is inhumane and dangerous. Legalizing Euthanasia will create many problems for the medical profession. The legal conditions proposed- the consent of the patient or his family would create psychological, and technical situations which are above human endurance. He concludes by saying that much can be done to integrate death and make it as natural as one’s departure. In his opinion, Legalizing Euthanasia is not the best means.

As a physician, he would have to reject the power of the ultimate decision.3.(a) In my opinion, Euthanasia should NOT be legalized because it will cause many problems for young minds. As they simply start to end their life after any miserable situation instead of putting some efforts to settle everything. I think that a provision should not stop a patient in a medical condition, where the doctor also has given up, to end his/her life instead of growing above his/her sufferings.(b) None of the theories supports my opinion completely but Consequential and Social Contract Ethics partially support my opinion because it takes variables into consideration and the norms seen through mutual agreements are followed.(c) However, Duty Based Ethical theories contradicts my belief because according to Kant, there is no role of variable in decision making and decisions should be absolute and unconditional.


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