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Re-order level (ROL) is critical for humanitarian organizations to achieve optimal efficiency and be effective. They need to have two reorder levels one that is normal whereas a second one that is for emergency cases in case of disaster. This improves performance and customer satisfaction.Bachetti, Plebani, Saccani and Syntetos (2010) argue that inventory management need to be organized in a logical way to facilitate the organization knowledge of when to order and quantity to order. Economic order quantity enables organizations plan their inventory replenishment on a timely basis such as monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly basis. As organizations try to improve on the inventory management, Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) and Re-order Point (ROP) are important tools organizations can use to ensure that inventory supply does not hit a stock out as explained by Gonzalez and Gonzalez (2010).3Just-in-time (JIT) contributes greatly to an organization’s positive performance and customer satisfaction


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