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Reading the author Judith Ortiz Cofey’s essay I found it very intriguing. I think that as the author refers to “more room” she’s not only writing of the literal rooms in her grandmothers home .She was also making “room” for herself. By asking her husband to build a room for him self she makes the decision to put her own desires ahead of his. She makes the decision to take control of her body and take control of her reproduction. She essentially makes room for herself within her family, to live the life that she wants to live by proclaiming her freedom. “Once more back to the lake”The lake serves as the setting for both the authors present and past.

The story is about the lake but it’s more about the feeling the author gets when he visits. It seems a feeling of youth and freedom and when he goes back he captures that feeling and that is what is so special. Only now he sees it as a father and not as the son. The essay is an emotional refection on the passage of time.Although at the beginning of the essay “once more back to the lake” was not as interesting I enjoyed reading it and tried to understand it as best as I could. What I have learned from both essays is that one should use time wisely as time passes.

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