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Real Foods Vs Processed FoodsWe live in a world where lemonade is made with artificial flavours and Finger bowl is made with Real Lemons. We count calories instead of counting on the chemicals in food. These days, the kids recognize juices form the Tetra packs instead of fresh juices.

We don’t like to be labelled cheap, but we like buying cheap food with no nutritional value. We question why Real Food is expensive instead of asking why processed food is cheap. In this post, we will find out the difference between Real foods vs Processed foods and which one are the healthier option.Real Foods:-Foods that are non artificial ; close to its natural ; original state without any alterations ; modifications are Real Foods. These are the foods that are found in its whole and natural form and are also termed as whole foods. This type of foods is also loaded with Nutrients.

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In essence it’s the type of food human beings ate happily for thousands of yearsThe food you eat can be either the safest and the most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison- Ann WigmoreHowever in the 20th Century with the introduction of Ready to eat foods with poor nutrition, many people have been eating them as a dominant part of their diet.There are many studies that have made the correlation that poor nutrition is directly linked to Chronic Disease and yet, even after knowing this information, still there are Millions of people dying with it. With the technology getting more and more advanced, we see more and more people falling sick. Majority of the people are dying every day of a disease instead of old age.

These days we take medicine as food instead of food as medicine. One important thing to realize is that you would require medicine only when your diet is wrong, but if your diet is right then there is no requirement of any medicine.We are what we eat.The food quality that we eat has a significant impact on our well being as a whole.

There are Genes that promote Ailments and there are genes that prevent Ailments. It’s only about turning on the genes that prevent disease and simultaneously turning off the genes that promote Diseases. Once we do this, our body simply evolves in a way to maximize our Body’s potential.

Processed Foods:-Foods that have been modified by chemical processing and made from refined ingredients and artificial additives like flavours, colours and preservatives, are generally known as processed foods.Processed foods are mostly ready to eat without further preparation. They also have a Good shelf life compared to other whole foods. They contain sugar & fructose corn syrup in high quantities which can have bad effects on your metabolism. Processed foods have a high use of preservatives, artificial colors and other artificial ingredients and are very low in the nutrients that our body really requires.Some processed foods are easy to identify like Tetra packed juices, White bread etc while others are hidden under some terms which are relevant to good health.

Eg- Gluten free Biscuits. These foods have virtually no nutritional value, and consuming them can put you at risk for a whole list of health issues such as weight gain, heart disease, diabetes, and allergies and many more. Making cheap and unsafe food is a Huge business and to make sureIndia Ranks second highest with children having excessive weight gain with over 1.44 Crore cases.These figures have doubled since 1980. This gives a warning sign for the youth of the country & hence early prevention is the need of the hour to avoid an entire generation from falling prey to heart ailments, hypertension & diabetic complications.

As we see the FMCG and the Pharmaceutical industries are growing at a huge pace. If understood properly, there seems to be a big correlation between these two industries. Making Cheap Unsafe processed foods is a huge business and so is the Pharmaceutical industry which is due to the Increasing Health issues which are a result of our eating habits which are changing with time.No matter how much ever the industries determine what is in our Supermarkets, Restaurants and Chemists etc, but we all finally still hold the key to our own health. Understanding that eating healthy should be a priority & not falling into the sick care trap is the only key. Don’t for the sake of filling our stomach. Eat for the Nutritional Reasons.

Nutrition is the base of our energy for our body. Many start making changes only when death is at their doorstep. Let’s not wait till that happens as sometimes it can be too late.

Lets start making right choices and practice mindful eating habits.The good news is that people are starting to catch up and demand for better quality and chemical free products. People are now willing to spend for the right product understanding the ill effects of consuming cheap and fake processed foods. Slowly but steadily the demand for chemical free Natural & Organic products is increasing out there and sending a message that our grandparents & ancestors knew it better on how to live healthier lives and perhaps change this Industry for a healthier lives.

Takeaway: Real foods or Whole foods are chemical free & way much more nutritious than the processed foods. In order to stay healthy or to improve our health standards, Real foods is the best Choice.


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