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An ideal local government should ensure the availability of information about its revenue generation and expenditure which ultimately means that the local government administration is transparent and transparency is one of the cardinal points of good governance administration. The council can do this through the publication of development bulletins, organizing press conference, public auditing and through electronic media. According to Shrestha (1996), the main element of people’s participation is the conscious, purposive and enlightened involvement of the people of their own accord in the process of the promotion of their welfare.
Organizationally the issue of checks on the executive excesses should not be left in the hands of the legislative arm alone. This is largely because executives dominate the legislative therefore, measures should be taken to sensitize and harness the vast resources in the localities such as the civil society groups and other self-existing systems (community development association, town unions, traditional councils and age groups. These groups could provide the much needed checks on executive excesses and dominance. This group should also have power to prosecute all local council members who have abused public trust or who are indicted by Audit reports.
Capacity building at this level is important for good governance. Training is also important and should be conducted based on demand driven rather than rituals but on needs assessment. Constitutional reform allow the legislative arms of local government to decide on what they should do with accrued revenue earnings. A fairer method to funding joint development programmes and project between the state and local government should be adopted.
Local government should be encouraged and made to adopt the provisions of both the Fiscal Responsibility Law and the Public Procurement Law of their respective states. The higher levels of government should provide the enabling legislative framework and reforms, policies and environment that would put the three elements of good governance (transparency, accountability and citizen participation) at the centre piece of governance.
The current yearnings for electoral reform in the country should be pursued with all honesty and will in other to allow the will of the people to prevail in choosing their chairman and councillors. This will give room for grater civic participation, accountability and transparency. The existing statutes, administration and financial guidelines that govern local government administration in Nigeria should be clinically reviewed and strengthened in the light of current realities in the country.
Furthermore public enlightenment, reorientation training and re-training are required to change attitudes, perceptions and mind-sets in order to make local governance truly participatory and transparent. The leadership at the federal level should develop the political and moral will to punish corrupt local government functionaries to serve as a deterrent to others.
The Electronic Governance System popularly referred to as E-Governance has also been identified by Izueke (2007) as a measure towards achieving good governance. In its ability to adopt the E-Governance the local government need to have capacity to change their organizational structure, identify potential areas of revenue generation through the adoption of innovative techniques and methods such as computers, GIS, E-mail, Internet, computer networking, Intercom.


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