RECOMMENDATION is simply to continue to innovate new

RECOMMENDATION :- Innovate new products in the market :Apple has proven that they know what it takes to be more successful company in the world. At this point, my best recommendations is simply to continue to innovate new products .

Apple has methodically boosted revenue and expanded their company. By continuing to innovate new products, consumers will stay interested in Apple. Apple will continue to be able to market and advertise their band, and with each new product more and more customers will likely jump on the Apple bandwagon.

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– OPEN MORE RETAIL APPLE STORE LOCATIONS :The Apple retail stores have proven to be a tremendous success .The problem is that there are currently only 361 locations worldwide in15 countries. I recommend that Apple continue to launch more retail stores worldwide, using their +100$ billion dollars in cash that they currently have. This would help in expanding Apple worldwide, also this will help many people to find Apple’s products easily.


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