Recycling primary and secondary production. With this effect

Recycling is the best way of waste reduction in the world following the slogan “”Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” waste hierarchy. Waste management is very essential to maintain the value of our environment. Recyclable materials and products are made of glass, paper, metal, plastic, textiles and electronics.

Recycling can also be defined as turning or converting a waste material into a new thing or product that can be also useful in many ways and therefore can prevent pollution in the environment. Among all the types of waste, glass is one of the most recyclable materials because it is difficult and hardly to decompose. Some examples of glass products are porcelain, building materials, sidewalks, windows, doors, mirrors and others. Recycling glass has a lot of benefits for many green consumers and for the environment like the reduction of energy consumption and reduction in air pollution. If glass is recycled properly our environment can be greatly improved. Another material that can be recyclable is aluminium. Aluminium has one of the largest energy differences between primary and secondary production.

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With this effect many producers targeted the increase of the usage of secondary materials but this requires also quality standards that need to be followed. The standards are important for the production of efficient and effective process of recycling. The increase of population in the world also increases the demand of materials that leads to decrease of our natural resources and it is unavoidable that our natural resources will be run shortly because of the increasing demand of consumers. So some countries made decisions on how to preserve the natural resources and they came up to the idea of recycling in order to preserve the resources for future generations. Waste management is one of the key in order to preserve the environment and according to research the most common materials recycled are paper, aluminium, plastic and glass (Go Facts Environmental Issues, 2006).


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