Refers to achieve smart reorganizations, positioning, tracing,

Refers to a type of network to connect anything with the Internet based on predetermined protocols through information sensing equipments to conduct information and communications in order to achieve smart recognitions, positioning, tracing, monitoring, evaluation, assessment and administration.It is pertinent to mention here that the IOT concept was coined by a member of the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) development community in 1999. it has recently become more relevant to the realistic world largely because of the development of mobile devices, entrenched and ubiquitous communication, cloud computing.

The world of Internet of Things (IOT):Internet of things (IOT) is a network of physical objects and their communications. The internet is not only a network of networks, but it has evolved into a network of device of all type and sizes , vehicles, smart phones, home appliances, toys, cameras, medical instruments and industrial systems, animals, people, buildings, all connected ,all communicating & sharing information based on specific protocols in order to achieve smart reorganizations, positioning, tracing, safe & control & even personal real time online monitoring , online upgrade, process control & administration in the society.Three categories of IOT are as below: Internet of things is an internet of three things: (1). People to people, (2) People to machine /things, (3) Things /machine to things /machine, Interacting through internet.

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Internet of Things (IOT) reflects to the general idea of things, especially everyday objects, that are understandable, decipherable, locatable, addressable through information sensing device and/or controllable through the Internet, irrespective of the communication means (whether via RFID, wireless LAN, wide area networks, or other means). Everyday objects include not only the electronic devices. The objective of the IOT is to enable things to be connected anytime, anywhere with anything.


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