Reflection I think I am a diligent

Reflection 1:Since I got 26 points on “Democratic leadership” in the leadership styles questionnaire, I think my own philosophy of leadership is similar to Theory Y. In order to figure out my own philosophy of leadership accurately, Northouse define philosophy of leadership as: “Each of us approaches leadership with a unique set of beliefs and attitudes about the nature of people and the nature of work.

” (p. 78). It means that I need to evaluate myself in both nature of people and nature of work. Talking about my nature, I think I am a diligent student and worker. I am good at independent thinking and always try my best to solve problems and accomplish tasks.For the nature of work, I do have no interest in certain works. However, if I know the work benefits to me rather than wasting time, I will force myself finding the interest of that work. When I feel I enjoy doing this work I will try my best to make it perfect.

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The work will never make me less motivated, it become more and more easy when I pay all of my attention. In other word, just like Northouse said: “When people have a passion for their work, they will do it even without outside direction.” (p. 81).

Reflection 3:In my opinion, the best way to help others help themselves is to get on well with them. Making friends with every followers is the most important thing for a leader. When followers treat you as a friend instead of their leader or their boss, they will occasionally relax their guard and talk something that is real.

When they begin to confide in you they become trust in you. People follow the advice of people they trust. So when followers trust in you, it is easy for you to help them help themselves.


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