Reflection company that is mandated to undertake

Reflection PaperWhat can I say about Immersion? I found it very to explain my experiences. It was overwhelm feeling. Department of Public Work and Highways is a government company that is mandated to undertake the planning infrastructure, such as national roads, bridges, flood control, water resource projects and other public works.

But it was much more than that. It was a time of reflection of where what we’ve been doing, where we want to go, and what we need to do to get there. It was about developing our skills and knowledge to realize our goals.

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I recognized my mistake I’d made in the past and saw my future path so much more clearly at the end of immersion. I now feel a renewed person, full of dreams and purpose.Immersion was tiring and exhausting. You barely had time to stop and think you were constantly engaged in activities. But it was also exhilarating, because you where constantly hearing things that made firework go off in your brain. Immersion was also abut breaking down one of our barriers: ourselves. Never underestimate your knowledge and skills you have. I think my biggest realization came when Sir Rommie tells us about his life.

He tells us how many obstacle you will face and break you but you should never quit. If you have dreams, claim it and achieve it. Those realization really informed me as a person and student to take action regarding my procrastination. After talking to Sir, I realized that I was not the only one who’d had the realization. It was my teammates also.

Another realization came when we are assign to color the weather chart and somebody of my team made mistake on coloring. He color the one that should not involve. I was angry. I tend to high person. I don’t want anyone to commit mistake specially inside the company. It was ashamed.

But then, I realized that no is perfect. I shound’t blame him for committing mistake because he is same just me, committed mistake. We should never blame anyone for his mistake. And we should never be happy of anyone’s fall or mistake.One of the rewarding achievements we had is learning.

We learn a lot of things not only by individual but as a team also. I learn a simply a thing that is important and has a big impact if you didn’t know it. We learn so much things. We learn how important the quality test of aggregates, construction plan, the construction project management (CPM), AutoCAD and etc.

It was great for us because we are planning to apply it in the future. It also brought our cohort together more.I had lots of memorable experiences. One is visiting site. It was fun and amazing seeing the construction site.

There I saw there plan in the blueprint and how it is little by little built. Engr. Dondon explain us their plan and how they are careful about it.One of the most important thing I’ve learned is never give up. Never someone or something destroy the dream you have. Just dream big and claim it.

Because if you claim it, later you will know you achieve it already. We are grateful and thankful to the company who let us immerse with them. It was wonderful. Thank you for creating such a memorable experiences for us.


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