Reflection Paper : Like Stars on Earth We

Reflection Paper : Like Stars on Earth We all have individual differences , as well as Ishaan in the movie that he has dyslexia . He is a person that just cannot seem to get anything right in class but are more interested in the arts, animals and playing Games and sometimes he cannot button his shorts . Though he cannot cope up easily with his class,he has a talent that anybody cannot have . It gave me the perfect reason to continue my teaching education.I would never be like Ishaan’s teacher in his old school , I’ll be Ram Shankar Nikumbh , instead.And I want to level up this advocacy to next level .

Why ? Because I want it to share in every teacher that made their students afraid of him . As a future teacher, I will not be dismissing a person because they are not performing at the same level as everyone else. As we all know that every child has individual differences.

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