Reflective practice is an important

Reflective practice is an important way of improving performance as it helps better people’s way of working. This can be done within a team or by yourself, depending on the practice that is being evaluated. By sitting down as a team and evaluating what has been done, everyone can put forward their opinion on how they feel it went.

Some staff might think that the activity went well while others will be quicker to criticise. This is a good way of improving performance as it will help others understand what went wrong or even understand that they are too quick to criticise and learn that the job was de well. When self-evaluating, some people may judge themselves too harshly while others are overly-confident and will always praise themselves no matter what the outcome. This is where supervision and appraisals come in to reflect on the self-evaluations and help some become more confident in themselves or support others in becoming more able in reflective practice to help improve their performance.

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