“Religion school”. I agree that we do not

“Religion should be taught in public schools”, is a debate and widely discussed issue throughout the entire United States. Some people believe that religion should be taught in public schools, while many others don’t. There are many pros and cons to this.

In my opinion religion should NOT be taught in public schools. There also is many reasons why I think that. According to statistics, 52% of people prefer this, and 48% of people do not agree with it. Most people who agree with it, say the same thing, such as: “Learning religion in school is an essential”, while most people who disagree with it say: “Our children don’t need more distractions in school”. I agree that we do not need more distractions and school and already have enough things to worry about. If we want to learn religion we can do it outside of school, on our own time. Also, this could lead to a problem with many student’s parents getting angry at the school for teaching their kids other religions. If they were to teach religion in public schools, I think it would be crazy because they would have to make multiple classes for different religions since we don’t all believe in the same religion.

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If religion had to be taught in school the student should be able to pick whether or whether not they want to take the class. As I mentioned, there would be many pros and cons to this. Here are a few of them. Cons: it will cause kids to worry less about school and more about religion and their grades may drop.

Also, some students might get the wrong ideas of other religions. Pros: religion does play a role in history, and current events, so religion probably would have to be taught to get an understanding of some history. Also, teaching religion in public schools helps students understand the differences among each religions. Religion being taught in public schools has been a debate going around since before 2010, but not many of us have agreed on the same side. In my opinion, if a parent wants their child to learn about religion in school, the best thing for them would be to put them in a religious school, rather than cause a problem/debate with parents who do not want their children learning religion in school.

First of all, religion education is the type of education which requires people from different religions to learn about religions they don’t even follow, which may anger others. At the same time, this could benefit people by helping them learn about other religions, which they may need in the later future. Second of all, people who follow one specific and people who learn about a specific religion are not the same, while some people may consider them the same, but people may not like that since it’s not the actual religion they follow. Even though I disagree on the fact religion should be taught in school, it may come in handy one day, for example: if someone judges you by your religion, they can learn about that religion in school and get a better understanding of it before they judge, causing them not to judge.


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