Replication, an evidential scientific discovery (Zwaan et

Replication, which is the reproducing of a present study. Obtaining similiter outcomes from a repeated study is an essential feature of scientific researches (Zwaan et al. 2018).

Replication determines whether a finding is a single observation or an evidential scientific discovery (Zwaan et al. 2018). It was also pointed out by Zwaan et al. that “a scientific discovery requires both a consistent effect and a comprehensive description of the procedure used to produce that result in the first place.

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” In order to allow the others to be able to follow the same procedure and replicate the experiment, the report of the research should also include a detailed methodology. Alarms towards replications have arisen since the research data of a hundred replication experiments have been published in journal Science in 2015. A hundred experiments were done to determine the reproducibility of some of the most well-known experiments. Statistically significant p values below .05 were reported from 97% of the original studies.

However, only 36% of the replication studies found statistically significant results (p < .05) (Open Science Collaboration, 2015).


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