Repurchase the consumers have the potential repeat purchasing

RepurchaseIntention            It hastwo phases to identify consumer purchase attitude which encouraging consumerpurchase and increasing consumer to repurchase (Chinomona and Dubihlela, 2014).For repurchase is defined as purchase the same good or services more than onetime because of the consumer attitude and most of the consumers have thepotential repeat purchasing (Ibzan, Balarabe, Jakada, 2016).

According to Haqueet al. (2015), the intention is definedas the antecedents that motivate and encourage consumers’ purchases of productand services. Chinomona et al.

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, (2014)stated that repurchase intention are affected by many factors gather togetherto make repurchase decision. Balla, Ibrahim and Ali (2015), showed that thecompany need attract new customer are difficult than keep an old customer. Sothat the company should keep the relationship with old customers and try toincrease their repurchase intention. Based on the several research repurchase intentionis based on the consumer’s loyalty and this opinion had been generally accepted(Varga, Vuji?i? and Dla?i?, 2014).Therefore, the commitment of  repurchaseand repatronise a same product or a same service in the feature is showing theconsumer’s loyalty.Repurchase intention is to defineas individual’s judgment about the customer repeating buy again same product orservice from the same firm (Ariffin et al.

,2016). According to Kuo, Kang and Chen (2014), satisfaction of consumer after themusing the products or having services will affect purchase intention in thefuture. The consumer dissatisfied with the products or services will make themcomplained about it, they will not purchase again.

In contrast, consumersatisfaction after using a product or receiving a service they will affecttheir repurchasing behavior in the future, willing to buy the same product or recommendingto another consumer. Borrowing from the definition of Dubihlela and Ngxukumeshe(2016), repurchase intention would represent at the longer period time, the consumerstill willing repeat purchase from the same firm.  Repurchase intention is used as the dependentvariable in the study.


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