RESEARCH structured questionnaire is used to collect

RESEARCH DESIGNThe research design is the blueprint for the fulfilment of the objectives and answering the questions. It is a master plan specifying the method and procedure for collecting and analysing needed information Methods of Data collection Primary Data – Primary Data was crucial to know the consumer buying behaviour towards cosmetics products. Primary data was collected having face to face conversation using the questionnaire prepared. Secondary Data – All relevant secondary data is collected from various sources like Internet, Books, Magazines, and Articles etc.

Method of analysis A structured questionnaire is used to collect the data. Questionnaire is a sought to be the best tool for collection of reliable data. The questionnaire consists of multiple choice questions to achieve the objective of research.RESEARCH INSTRUMENTResearch instrument use for the primary data collection is questionnaire.SAMPLE DESIGN• Random sampling technique• Random quota sampling• Convenience samplingSAMPLE SIZE100 respondentsAREA OF STUDYMeerut citySTATSTICAL TOOL APPLIEDTabular analysisPercentage analysisPie chart

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