Research cancer, I organized events and campaigns

Researchhas already demonstrated the beneficial effect of analytics from monitoringearly indicators of diseases to tracking effects education before they areofficially recorded. An ever-increasing number of organizations have startedgiving importance to big data analytics for development, education, healthcare,and natural resource management, all for the benefit of society.

Having workedin the field of health, education, and quantitative analysis in the past fewyears, I believe it is time for me to a pursue a Master program in AppliedStatistics in Social Science Research to accomplish my goal of using dataanalysis in health and education. Lastyear, as a volunteer for an NGO, ‘Wordsworth’, I taught math and English tochildren from deprived families. The drive to understand their situation led meto be a part of the NGO ‘Deep shades’ where I collected data on children andwomen of slums. I attempted to understand the unwillingness of parents to sendtheir kids to school and realized the vicious circle in which they are trapped.So, during the next stint as a volunteer with ‘Lions Club International’besides imparting knowledge, I highlighted the importance of education to themand their parents. Further, under the aegis of Yoddhas – Indians fightingagainst cancer, I organized events and campaigns in diversified institutions tospread awareness about cancer. Owing to my hard work, I became the Sub lead ofHuman Resource department.

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Driven by a commitment to serve and a desire tounderstand the foundation of Cancer, I engaged myself in their research teamand compiled tax files in different countries for the family of cancer victims.In essence of this collaboration with YODDHAS, I realized that the quality andquantity of data being leveraged were insufficient to come up withwell-informed decisions.Deeplycommitted to my study at the University of Delhi, I undertook an Econometricsresearch project on based on relationship between the marks of a student andother exogenous factors like family income, involvement in cultural societies,self-study hours, parent’s education, etc. I spearheaded the presentation of acustom excel report in the class resulting in better perception that provided aclear picture on the factors affecting student performance. Through thisproject, I discovered a way to combine my academic strengths and passion forEducation in one field of study. As I became more inclined to quantitativeanalysis, my interest began to gravitate more towards statistics and research.The interest in serving and understanding people has never changed, yet Irealized I could make a greater difference by pursuing my passion in AppliedStatistics. I envision my career as a statistician in Research and Developmentdepartment of an organization of international repute.

Ten years down the line,I would like to launch my venture to provide publically available datasetswhich would benefit the society through collaboration with NGOs, government,and MNCs. Aligned with my goals, I am interested in pursuing an internship with’Medidata’ during my coursework, which is situated only a few blocks away fromNYU and help them in collecting and analyzing data to make software better forclinical research. TheMaster program in Applied Statistics in Social Science Research will offer avast array of electives at Steinhardt which matches my desire to solve problemsacross multiple disciplines. It will invigorate my research interests, as Iwill have the choice to study and work under outstanding faculty both within andoutside the department of statistics to conduct groundbreakingresearch.

Doctors are yet not sure what causes PCOS in females. I would like todetermine how close-knit the various possible causative factors are to the PCOSsyndrome, what other factors can affect PCOS and mainly why this syndrome ismore prominent amongst women in Asian and European countries. To do so, I wouldrun a regression, which would finally help me in devising an algorithm to ruleout another diagnosis before PCOS is ascertained. This way I would like tocontribute to the healthcare sector and society by employing data intelligenceduring my studies at Steinhardt. I am also keen to work under renowned ProfessorSharon Weinberg, David Montgomery; Lisa M. Stulberg at NYU and therefore wouldlike to undertake research in education which is an area of my interest andtake it forward at your university.

Ifirmly believe that with my background in economics along with a string ofcultural diversity, experience in diverse non-government organizations andability to evolve according to the circumstances will be able to provide uniqueperspectives to the university’s research projects. With these aspirations asthe driving force, I look forward to the rewarding NYU MS program in AppliedStatistics in Social Science Research.  


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