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Research LocaleThe study wasconducted in Aglayan, Malaybalay city, which has have 146 female solo parentslisted by barangay records on the year 2015. The total population of thebarangay Aglayan in 2015 is 7,546. Barangay Aglayan has many big companies and industrial company whereresidents could apply for their livelihood to sustain their daily lives.BarangayAglayan was only a sitio of Malaybalay before. There was no record found as towhether it was a sitio of Barangay Linabo.

Old folks said that it was part ofLinabo that is why it was earlier named as Crossing Linabo but others believedit was named Crossing Linabo for it is the main entrance to Barangay Linabo. BarangayAglayan is located in the middle part of Malaybalay, which was created into acity on February 11, 1998 by virtue of the R.A 8490.

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There are 46 barangayswith a total land area of 969.19 km.sq.Untilin 1960, Aglayan was officially recognized as a regular barrio of theMunicipality of Malaybalay per Resolution No. 53 series of 1960 by theMunicipal Council of Malaybalay.

The locale of thestudy focuses on in Barangay Aglayan, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon.Participants of theStudyTheparticipants of the study are the eight (8) solo parents chosen throughpurposive sampling procedure. A purposive sampling means a non-scientific samplingdesign which is based on choosing individuals as samples according to thepurposes of the investigators. In selecting the respondents for the study thefollowing criteria are observed: (1) official working female solo parentresident of Barangay Aglayan; (2) have a child or children; (3)  ages 20 years old and above. Table one showthe information about the respondents of the study.Table 1 Background information of the Working FemaleSolo Parents  Participants Age Occupation No of children 1 30 Fish vendor 3 2 30 Factory worker 2 3 25 Saleslady 3 4 21 Saleslady 2 5 27 Saleslady 1 6 24 Saleslady 2 7 27 Lady guard 3 8 25 Pawnshop teller 1  Research InstrumentThis study used an in-depth interviewto determine the challenges encountered by the working female solo parents.In-depth interview method was to help the researchers to gather information ofthe participant.

The researcher-made questionnaire that has been pretested forvalidity was used to gather the data.Administrationof the studyTheresearchers personally questioned the working female solo parent participantsface to face after getting permit from the Barangay Captain in AglayanMalaybalay City. The study corresponds only (8) to the working female soloparent who are purposively chosen. Data AnalysisData analysis involves organizing data in waysthat allow researchers to identify the challenges encountered of working femalesolo parents, to know how they deal and survive with the challenges they haveencountered (Hatch, 2002).  Bogdan &Bikle (1992) explained data analysis as a systematic process involving workingwith data, organizing and breaking them into convenient parts. In analyzing thedata there were steps to follow, each recorded interview was transcribed andwas labeled according to the date when it was collected, then translate thedate in English linguistic.

The date was read carefully to correct anygrammatical errors and get sense of totality of data. Data analysis isnecessary because it enables the researcher to summarize, categorize andorganize the collected data in such a way that it is possible to effectivelyanswer the research questions. Research EthicsTheresearchers asked permission, and received approval from the Barangay AglayanChairman. Before conducting the interview, the researchers informed theparticipants about the purpose of the study. They have the freedom not to beincluded in any section of the research as they wish.  Furthermore, the researchers ensured themthat the data will be held with strict privacy and confidentiality to be usedonly for educational purposes.



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