Research data analysis is more practical and less

Research takes the scopes of an organized outcome in the inquiry of information (Stringer, 2003).

Considering research is one of the best way for a person to increase its “stored knowledge” and advancement of sensibility in doing a research study. Moreover, it can also be a guide depending on an individual’s self-interest that he/she wants to be involved. This form of use is capable for anybody whose line of interest in any types of profession that necessarily needs information in any particular aspects of knowledge. The teacher’s way of teaching were further enhanced if they will conduct themselves in action research. These are applications that action research concentrate upon like partaking of comprehension that widens the knowledge of a knowledge of the surrounding to make progress; and changes in certain problems or phenomenon which would include sharing in events that knowledge would be developed.

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Gall and Colleagues (2002) said that the importance in practicing research does not only help the professional included but also the students where the knowledge will be surpassed on. There are three category or kinds of research that educators must know and these are the personal, political and professional practice. The Personal Intellectual Development focus in the teacher and the student. While the political means of action research is based on the practice that is humanitarian approach.

Lastly, the professional purpose support the staff improvement. In addition to that, action research as compared to other kinds of research is claimed less extensive because an expert can be referred. Practices include like cross section approach can be handling using the students or other professionals that the researcher has been working with.

Undergo in a loose process and the data analysis is more practical and less analytical. Gall and Colleagues also said that conducting research is important because it transfer to the body of knowledge that being expected by the professional and possible contribution to improve our community. An example taken by the doctors.

Medical practitioners always been seeking for additional understanding in their field. Teachers must have to be open-minded by getting as many information that they can use to improve their lessons and teaching skills. According to Stringers (2003) that action research is use especially by the teachers wherein they study about the development of human consciousness and self-awareness.


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