Research Basic research Applied Research: It is

Research TypesKhizra Sajjad1- BS Psychology 8th, Psychology of Marketing and Advertising, University of Sargodha LahoreResearch:Research is a process in which we gather the detail, according to complete information and enhance of knowledge. (Wilson, 2008). It is the process to investigate a procedure of searching for a particular response to particular inquiry in a sorted out, objective and dependable way (Payton, 1979). It is a strategy of touching base at a tried and true answer for the issues through the arranged and precise gathering, investigation and translation of information (Mouley, N.A). To look into is a cautious request or examination in looking for certainties or standards, a constant examination to discover something (Clifford Woody, N.

A). It is the procedure to quest for a truth with the assistance of study, perception, examination and trial, scan for information through goal and systematic strategy for discovering answers for a learning (Kothari, 2006). Types of Research:There are different types of research.• By nature research.• By philosophy research.• By method.• By logic.

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1-On the basis of nature• Applied research• Basic researchApplied Research:It is the research which is used for the purpose of solving the problems which are faced in practices, which are may be each day difficulties, illness (very well mind).Basic Research:Research which is conducted by academic or PHD level people for the purpose of enhance the knowledge. If outcome increase then knowledge will also increase.2-On the basis of philosophy• Exploratory research• Descriptive research• Causal researchExploratory research:It is the type of research which takes place at the beginning research which makes he reasons for the more acceptable and true research. It sometimes can help to find out the procedures of research, the method of small quantity from which result can be generalized and collection of data may be find.

(Singh, 2007)Descriptive research:It’s a simple method used to tries to find out, explanations and findings that what it is in real what are the reasons and to answers the questions that how it is possible. (Ethridge, 2004)Cause research:It is the connection between two things, in which when one event takes place that will make another event to occur. (Williams, N.A)3-On the basis of method• Quantitative research• Qualitative researchQuantitative research:This is the method in which we can make results for the collection of data in the form of numbers (Mathews ; Ross, 2010)Qualitative research:The research which forces on the explanations and forces on the formation of the theory how I is formed. (Bryman et al, 2007)4-On the basis of Logic• Deductive research• Inductive researchDeductive research:It is related to the process in which we make a hypothesis which is based on the previous old theories and then plan and make decisions to test the hypothesis.

(Wilson, 2010)Inductive research:Inductive research “involves the search for practices from observation and then making many new explanations for existing patterns through steps of hypotheses. (Berand, 2011)Reference:1-Wilson, Lyndsay T (2008). “Definition of Research” Retrieved feb 3, 2018 from Explorable.com2- Singh, K. (2007) “Quantitative Social Research Methods” SAGE Publications, p.643-Ethridge, D.E. (2004) “Research Methodology in Applied Economics” John Wiley & Sons, p.

244- Wilson, J. (2010) “Essentials of Business Research: A Guide to Doing Your Research Project” SAGE Publications, p.75- Bernard, H.R.

(2011) “Research Methods in Anthropology” 5th edition, AltaMira Press, p.7


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