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Resource Management and Scheduling -Sensitivity to error in Workload and characterization? Firstly, dividing the Resource Management and Scheduling in terms of cloud for sensitively in error in workload and for characterization one must know about the resource management and scheduling in terms of the operating system when one task about Resource Management and Scheduling in operating includes the efficient management of resource for the well scheduled process for allocation otherwise inefficient allocation will either result into the deadlock or spinlock so, while distributing the resource and scheduling the process one must also know about the architecture and the design of the operating system in case of operating system and instance details and network capacity and instance characteristic before allocation of the resources in term of Resource Management and Scheduling while working with cloud.? While one discusses about cloud we assume that one had already have instance of cloud for the management of the resource. As the instance of the cloud always come up with limits or required resources there must efficient as well as optimize distribution of the instances that makes the full use of the instance. Resource management and scheduling affects the following criteria of the instance/systems• Functionality of instances• Performance adrieved• Expected Cost.? Whenever the details of Resource Management and Scheduling is discussed the first thing is the uniformed & unbiased allocation of resource to the process which one scheduled according to the various scheduling algorithms or maybe combinations of scheduling algorithms.

? Scheduling & resource management does contain the resource like CPU, Memory, I/O devices more detailed in terms of Memory bus, CPU cycles network bandwidth, reserving printer kind of resources etc…? When the same thing discussed in terms of the cloud then one is more concerned about the policy of the cloud, distributor of the cloud, type of instance, configuration of cloud, time duration of cloud and easy access to cloud these thing are indirectly get involved during the Resource Management and Scheduling one must include the concept of Interprocess communication (IPC) because these concept takes the System/cloud to the new/level of optimization and allocation.

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? Cloud resource management is very complex and time-consuming task & expected by the user that this Resource management as well as the cloud must be Robust which is sometimes impossible to achieve because when we task about the Resource Management and Scheduling in cloud it is not like that much easy like Resource Management and Scheduling in operating system at local system or designed for millions of users with millions of calculations for Resource Management and Scheduling. This may also lead to the failone of the system. so, cloud must be able to have precise global state info/data cloud, cloud instances, cloud mechanism, cloud policy for Resource Management and Scheduling must be designed in way that it must be able to interact with any kind of cloud environmental issues and deal with failones and protect the system against the attacks Resource Management and Scheduling in cloud must include the load balancing technique, type of cloud amount of time it takes to responds to error or sensitivity to error in workflow. Cloud service provides (CSP) must be able to deal with load balancing technique like dynamic load balancing must be known to handle the fluctuations that come during the management of cloud.? Resource Management and Scheduling for different “aas” (As a service) are also different like Resource Management and Scheduling for the infrastructure platform and service or also for database.

? There one different cloud Resource Management and Scheduling policy do exit for the efficient management of resource these techniques are the:1) Admission control2) Capacity allocation3) Load Balancing4) Energy Optimization5) Quality of service guarantees.? Today’s cloud instances supports the various kind of development in various areas like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Thing, Mobile/Social Internet, Blockchain, Big data automation, Quantum computing, wireless power, smart cities etc. kind of technologies and development area are easy executable ; handled through the use of clouds that makes the cloud more important for the long and Resource Management and Scheduling of the cloud is cuing edge topic and may become the golden opportunity for developers so, the proper understanding of cloud with Operating system and compacting power make the cloud more usable in real life. There are various mechanism and policy to handle resources among various process through which the efficient use of resource without investing time the time ; losing the cost ; making the cloud resources less idle.

? Cloud also handles in terms of requirement like the term elasticity, elasticity provides the flexibility to reduce and enhances the size of instances according to the current need of user. To maintain proper elasticity Resource Management and Scheduling algorithm of the cloud must be more convenient and efficient so, the proper usage of the user is maintained for the future purposes like if CSP has provides the time limit for instances or resource usage limit for instances than usage of resources must be tracked in a proper way.? Cloud Resource Management (CRM) for application of control theory. CRM depends on the three components of the Resource Management and Scheduling algorithms.1) Input Components: feeding the proper algorithm as the form of input selecting the proper algorithm for current system data.2) Control System: Measures the performance through various sensors and use of different/various efficient mechanism/policies of the CSP.3) Output Component: providing the resources to the particular real time application by understanding the need of the application of the usage of the application.

? Prior, to assigning different resources to the system/instances the various parameters one also inspected like the process which is acquiring the resources must be stable process, flexible process. there is also another technique for assigning the resources to the process of the instance/system is the “Auctioning of the cloud resources”.? In Auctioning System of the resources, the users bid for the resources and ready for the price for that cost for the resource that is allocated to the user from that particular amount of time.? These algorithms work based on the billing and usage system like you are getting changed for what amount of resources you used and for what amount of time billing as per made possible through the property of the cloud named “Elasticity”.? There are various cloud scheduling algorithms that do exists for the efficient a management of resources and optimized the use of resource like time, usage the algorithms.

These algorithms depends on the level of which these resources are being shone. This scheduling algorithm of the operating System on which OS already works on are the:1) Round Robin (RR)2) First Come First Serve (FCFS)3) Shortest Job First (SJF)4) Priority Algorithm.? Cloud works on this algorithm with the addition of their mechanism and policies that includes the characteristics of the various clouds services and techniques But, the timing factors like Borrowed Virtual Time ; start time fair Queuing.


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