Responding and assertive in questioning behaviours if I

Responding appropriately to suspicions that an individual is being abused consists of four key steps, which may not necessarily be sequential. That is, I need to be alert of signs of abuse and have a good understanding of safeguarding policies and procedures, ensuring I have the knowledge of available resources and support within the workplace regarding safeguarding arrangements. I need to be alert to what is abuse and what is acceptable or normal behaviour. I also need to be confident and assertive in questioning behaviours if I suspect abuse.

In suspected abuse, it is not always obvious and the individual may be reluctant to discuss what is happening to them, so it is important to question their behaviour on their own if their behaviour does not seem usual, and seek further information if appropriate.It is important that I seek guidance and ask for help from the surgery’s named safeguarding lead, Dr Georgina Rubery and discuss my concerns regarding safeguarding.A factual record of my concerns must be recorded, dated and signed. If I am concerned that my report is not being acted on promptly or concerns about the safety or welfare of the individual it is my responsibility to act and call 999 or refer to appropriate local authority.

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