Response position & loyal fanatics, it is

Response to the 1st Part:Reflect on your own views on the apple watch:It is indubitably wonderful thinking by Apple Inc. to launch such a compact device which can comfortably fit as a mobile computer on our wrists. The aesthetics are very elegant, attractive & high in build quality. For sure it is going to rock among the youngsters & fashion lovers.Would you consider buying an Apple Watch?Absolutely No.

I would not consider buying an Apple Watch due to following facts:It must be paired with an iPhone which is not with me now / in near future.Its pricing strategy clearly show’s it is a luxury device for a premium segment. So obviously, it is not for me.Being maintenance professional most of the times I work with machines. Hence it is not safe for me to have anything on my hand’s / wrist.Do you think the Apple Watch will be successful? With well-established market position & loyal fanatics, it is undoubtful that any product launched by Apple Inc.

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is going earn a good reputation in the global market. Hence Apple Watch will penetrate in the niche market as a luxury product & earn marginal profit for Apple Inc.Was it a good strategic decision on the part of Apple to launch such a product Apple…!! Iconic & most valuable Brand in the world which is well known for its disruptive innovation & technological excellence. As a smart device, it is obvious that it will Amaze the world, but as a wearable product i feel the success for them is going to be incredulous as the market is not as big as the smartphones. Also, Apple watch is not a must to have type of standalone gadget.

Even with advanced User Interface (UI) & attractive features, we can’t deny the fact that its features mostly depend on the iPhone to which it is paired & one should always carry it in his pocket. It is also notable that Apple is not the 1st firm to introduce such a smartwatch in the market & it is just a market follower. Hence the advantages of being Market First is lost. Smart Watch Before Apple Inc: http://www. So, to put in a nutshell Apple Watch is going to be a modest successful product, but for sure it is not going to be a Game changer or as Successful as iPod, iPhone or iPad.Regards,Suresh Kumar


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