Retail an aspect that has significantly augmented

Retail store companies in the United States such as Kohls, Macy’s and JC Penney are more of brand-oriented organizations.

These companies uphold a considerable focus on branding an aspect that has significantly augmented their sales and productivity in general due to the numerous benefits that come along with their incorporation of a brand-oriented strategy. Brand orientation, in this case, is a type of organizational philosophy whereby the brand is always at the heart of any given corporate decision making. Brand oriented companies, therefore, undertake their activities both internally and externally in a manner designed to reinforce and express the brand mainly. A brand oriented purpose goes way beyond a simple goal of securing a particular size of market share but instead focuses on creating a difference for a group of persons besides improving certain aspects of their lives. For instance, in this case, retail stores such as Macy’s tend to uphold customer centricity whereby everything they do revolves around a purpose thus ensuring that every activity is about fulfilling a particular purpose for a specific and well-defined target group.

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Having a grand strategy is fundamental for any given company since it comes in handy when it comes to finding solutions to problems, improving organizational performance as well as in creating new opportunities for the business. For organizations to achieve or instead reach their set goals, it is vital to focus on a strategic orientation especially because strategic orientation provides a proper guide regarding the path that a given firm anticipates following when it comes to monitoring its activities for greater performance. Strategic orientation refers to the manner in which a given company gets to adapt to its external environment. Strategic orientation reflects a company’s marketing, entrepreneurial and operational bearing. Retail stores such as Kohl’s, JC Penney, and Macy’s, therefore, ought to implement proper strategies that align with their set goals. To attain success from any given strategic orientation in the market it is vital for these companies to consider taking enormous risks. For instance by implementing a strategy that accommodates investment in innovations, getting more proactive as well as developing future-oriented anticipations.


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