Revisit the enhancement of teamwork, as well as

Revisit the school’s organizational structure if there is and reduce the inefficient hierarchy to raise the level of interaction and communication between members of the school’s management team. 4. Armament with the weapon of patience and give the opportunity to team members to get used to work in the new way and provide all the requirements for the success of incentives and tools of social work. 5.

Taking care of collective action and ensuring that the incentives are collective and discouraging individual work, regardless of the work pressures and the pre-determined achievement requirements. 6. The existence of regulations and controls for the enhancement of teamwork, as well as the identification of tasks, responsibilities and various activities in the school environment on the bases and standards that support collective action. 7.

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Work on the good selection of team members to achieve harmony and complementarity in their skills and in accordance with the requirements of the task of the team.


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