Rhetoric impact on listeners and makes the speech

Rhetoric question is a widely used expressive means too. It is an affirmative or negative statement in the form of the question. It is emotionally colored, it is distinct from an ordinary question which is asked to draw forth some information, the rhetoric question does not require any answer; it serves the purpose of calling the hearer’s attention to a particular point in the speech.

The analysis of syntactical stylistic devices helped us to come to conclusion that the speeches of English and American politicians are characterized by the use of a great number of stylistic devices which make them more persuasive and expressive. In our opinion repetition is the most typical stylistic device of publicistic style. The use of other stylistic devices depends on the occasion and individual character of the politician. Anadiplosis is also widely used in political speeches which helps to have a strong impact on listeners and makes the speech more effective.

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Enumeration makes the speeches more impressive and helps the politicians to stress the exact parts of the speech. With the help of polysyndeton the politicians stress the simultaneousness of actions, or the close connection of the qualities or phenomena enumerated. Our research showed that politicians use a great number of rhetorical questions which contribute to making political speeches more expressive and persuasive. Parallelism helps to emphasize the necessary word or phrase of the speech. The research and analysis revealed that good persuasive speaking demands expressive language that keeps the audience involved in the transaction with the speaker and helps the latter realize his goal.


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