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Business Studies
Curro Klerksdorp
Business Studies
Curro Klerksdorp
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900007300McDonald’s Review.

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Meet The Food Critic- The Experienced Reviewer.My name is Carrol Wiltshire. I am a light brown 18 year old female. I am from a mixed race population group. I am currently doing my final year at Curro Klerksdorp as a high school student. I do not have any profession, occupation nor income level. I am currently single.

I attend high school for more or less 6 hours and a half (depending on whether I do not have extra lessons). I then have hockey practice starting at 4 o clock to 6 o clock and get back home around half past 6.
I prefer any foods that do not contain a lot of vegetables, I do enjoy many type of meats except boerewors. As well as sweet foods.

IntroductionI will be doing a review on McDonald’s in Klerksdorp, North West.

McDonald’s was opened in 1948 in San Bernardino, California by the siblings Maurice “Mac” and Richardson McDonald. It was small hamburger restaurant at first and the brothers bought equipment needed by salesman Ray Kroc who was amused by their need to purchase 8 milkshake mixers (which was a bit too much for a “small hamburger restaurant”).

When Ray Kroc paid the brothers’ shop a visit in 1954, curious to see how this small restaurant could sell so much milkshakes. He then found an efficiently simple format that could permit the brothers to producing big quantities of food and at low prices. A self-service counter was bought into the picture which then decreased the need to hire waitresses and waiters. The customers old already receive the food they ordered at a fast pace because the hamburgers would already be cooked and wrapped up ahead of time, while being warmed underneath heat lamps, waiting to be purchased.

ReviewThe McDonald’s I am making my review about has a “busy” feeling to it. The ques were not as long since it was during the day and you would mostly just see students from various schools ordering food from there. It did, however, take a while to shorten due to the fact that only one till was working, it has apparently been like that for a couple of weeks. There are a lot of places to sit however. The seats are made of leather and are quite comfortable to sit on while waiting for your take aways or actually eating there.

The restaurant does not appear as clean as what it does at the tills. When looking further into the restaurant, the left overs from customers, empty containers and paper bags left on the tables are cleaned around because the cleaners would be too busy mopping the floors first instead of clearing up the tables for the next potential customers, resulting in customers clearing the tables themselves. I did find myself actually looking for a space to sit where I would not be sitting by the empty packets and left overs customers leave behind.
The service was good enough. The employers working at the tills were friendly and communicative. They were even patient with customers who were still deciding on what to eat and even recommended what to eat and mentioned promotions. They also mention your order back at you to double check that they got your order correct and for any last limit changes that you would like to make, even the cleaners acknowledge your presence.

I ordered a Double Quarter Pounder meal with cheese that costed R53,50, it seemed like a fair amount. It consists out of a medium soft drink with medium chips and the actual burger Double Quarter Pounder. It looked quite edible and was presented the way it was in the advertisements. The medium soft drink was poured into a McDonald’s cup and not the actually can or bottle of the product. It tasted delicious, did not taste raw or have an odd aftertaste. The burger was placed inside a cardboard box accommodating its size, as well as the chips. The main colour of the packaging was red. All the food was placed neatly into a brown paper bag.

Teto Gaorengwe’s Review On Rocomamas Vs Carrol Wiltshire’s Review on McDonald’s.

Atmosphere Warm, family environment. A “busy” feeling.

Cleanliness Very clean. Not very hygienic.

Service Pleasant and welcoming. Good enough.

Food Amazing and delicious. Delicious and well cooked.

ConclusionIt is no secret that McDonald’s is known for selling good food and having a big customer base. Their secret could be making good use of planning, organizing, leading and controlling. McDonald’s has the potential to make it in the long term in a steady financial position. They also various Corporate Social Responsibility projects such as Ronald McDonald Children’s Charities that was founded in memory of Ray Kroc when he passed on in 1984 to raise funds to support Child Welfare. It was then officially registered in 1989, as well as having youth sport programs.

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