RISE social protection for the elderly, monthly

RISE OF EXTREME POVERTY IN THE COUNTRY OF .. The American Dream is rapidly turning into an American illusion.

k40 million Americans live in poverty, and, almost half of them are in deep poverty. The United States has the highest rate of child poverty in the developed world (25%). There are people who live with less than $2 a day . The predominance of inadequacy and imbalance “is shockingly in struggle with the tremendous abundance of the United States and its dedication regarding human rights”All these facts are stated in the report by UN Special Rapporteur on Poverty and Human Rights, Philip Alston, who did some traveling through Washington, Puerto Rico, Alabama, West Virginia and California.

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He documented homelessness,  risky sanitation and wastewater, police observation, criminalization and abuse of poor people. P. Nadassen from Barnard College explained that USA has never been without disparity and without poverty. Still the quick ascent in the course of recent decades has undermined any openly communicated devotion regarding the equal opportunities or the conviction that the advance of the country relies upon the prosperity of common Americans.  Capitalism in the end of the nineteenth and mid twentieth century brought the  fast monetary extension in the United States. As a result, this resulted in an expansion in class contrasts and financial vulnerability among poor people, a formula that added to crisis and the Great Depression. Government officials and business leaders considered that capitalism would work better if Americans were given a fundamental life standard. Such state help permitted extremely poor social protection for the elderly, monthly recompenses for single mothers and individuals with disabilities, as well as lowest pay permitted by law for laborers.

 Albeit disproportional and designated, these public backing has effectively shielded the vast majority from falling into extraordinary scarcity. After World War II, the state stimulated  its financial development, reinforced purchaser capitalism by stimulating middle class and laborers, promising them better options through access to education and least monetary security. Since the 1970s, this arrangement of social protection has been essentially lessened. The controls for the insurance of laborers were turned back, and financing for instruction and public projects was decreased.

The poor were hit the hardest. With social change in 1996, poor single guardians with kids were restricted to getting support for five years with a duty to find a job. A few states asked for fingerprints of the candidates or their drugs testing, which for all intents and purposes criminalized them without a sensible reason.

Soon after this, from 4.6 million, the number of persons getting social support decreased to 1.1 million. However, that did not imply that the level of poverty also decreased.  Rather, the level of shortage was in expansion.

Forty million Americans live in poverty, almost half of them in deep poverty – which means, they earn half of the poverty edge. The United States has the most highest rate of children poverty in the developed world which is 25 percent. At that point there are many individuals who live with less than $2 daily and don’t have an access to fundamental services, for example, medicinal services, education,  sanitation. These are individuals who cannot find a job, that have utilized the five-year due date for getting support, which did not meet all other requirements for different projects or who live in remote regions. They are avoided from both the social support structure and the labour market.In 1981, one percent of the wealthiest individuals earned aproximately 27 times more than 50 percent of those at the base of the pyramid.

Today, the ones on the top, around 1 percent, earned 81 times more. The present tax reform will additionally intensify the issue of poverty gap, because of the significant/huge tax reductions for companies and wealthiest Americans, compared to the modest ones that applies to the most middle class families. The expansion in extraordinary poverty in the USA demonstrates that it isn’t important to discuss how to diminish the expenses of social projects, yet how to extend the services and better address the issues of the vulnerable. It is a fact that one and a half million American families today live in extreme poverty, twice as much as 20 years prior.

If this trend continues, without a doubt, the number of extremely poor Americans will rise drastically. What is important, the values of democracy and human rights will definitely be useless and will be put at risk.    


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