Risk drown nautilus boat will provide all

Risk management provide a structure basis for marine operator such as the nautilus boat.

Following the above identified hazards, nautilus boat need to develop or review it risk, management plan to cater for its anticipated investment and its related risk. In reviewing or developing the risk management plan, it will include new goals, objectives and targets such as.Goals 1. Following the identified risk related to people who are not strong swimmers especially children drowning, nautilus boat will have a goal of safety of all swimmers especially children who may drown.

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2. The anticipated investment is associated to the risk of client being sunburned and dehydrated on hot, sunny day. Therefore nautilus boat has a goal of to 3. Following the risk of Houseboats getting lost and/driven on to sandbars, nautilus boat will have to ensure safety of all its resources including Houseboats to prevent them from getting lost of getting damaged when being driven on to sandbars4. The risk of Clients finding houseboats difficult to control resulting in damage the houseboat and/or land structures calls for nautilus boat to ensure efficiency in its operation.Objectives1.

To ensure safety of all swimmers especially children who may drown nautilus boat will provide all crew of the boat with life jackets and provide attendant in each Houseboat to rescue in case of drowning.2. To Ensuring comfort of clients, nautilus boat will put canvas like umbrellas on the new Houseboats to protect tourist against sunburned or dehydrated especially during sunny days. 3. To ensure safety of all its resources including Houseboats, nautilus boat will provide a guide person in every trip to overlook on the safety of the Houseboats.4. To ensure efficiency in its operation, Nautilus boat will buy those boats with easier use and if no such boats will be found, they will provide a helper in every trip to train the clients on how to operate the boat.

Target 1. Nautilus bouts will have an equal to zero cases on clients including children drowning 2. Will have no complains about sunburn or dehydration as the anticipated new boats will be covered with a canvas like umbrella 3. None of the boat will be lost or damaged. 4. Minimum cases of client not able to operate the boats.


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