They can work in hazardous

Robots can do Multitasks.They can work in hazardous environment by reducing dangerous jobs for humans.Robots can work tirelessly e.g no sick leaves or other human related problems. So required task expected from robots id done effectively.Robots are better decision makers as they react in fraction of seconds so, they can save the the system under emergency conditions.Robots always needs to be monitored.Maintenance is always required because it is a machine.Robots still need humans for their back end programming such as commands when referring to multi taks.Robots can never adopt human abilities, emotions and dedication can never be compared with robots.There is no doubt that robots reduces the human efforts.There is only one time capital investment when buying a robot.It will reduce the number of employees in an organization.Robots can never be bribed so , when considering security issues of an oragnizations robots can be trusted.Robots don’t need montly salaries so, it will effect the budget of an oraganization.Robots are not entirely immune from malfunctions.Having robot in an organization will increase un emplyoment rate and it is the biggest threat for humans in future.If a robot is working on a certain task and unexpected situation occurs it can not handle or react to it .


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