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Role of regulators The government has established Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) which is the statutory body for regulation of the whole insurance industry. They would be granting licenses to private companies and will regulate the insurance business. As the health insurance is in its very early phase, the role of IRDA will be very crucial. They have to ensure that the sector develops rapidly and the benefit of the insurance goes to the consumers. But it has to guard against the ill effects of private insurance. The main danger in the health insurance business we see is that the private companies will cover the risk of middle class who can afford to pay high premiums.

Unregulated reimbursement of medical costs by the insurance companies will push up the prices of private care. So large section of India’s population who are not insured will be at a relative disadvantage as they will, in future, have to pay much more for the private care. Thus checking increase in the costs of medical care will be very important role of the IRDA. Secondly, IRDA will need to evolve mechanisms by which it puts some kind of statue in place that private insurance companies do not skim the market by focusing on rich and upper- class clients and in the process neglect a major section of India’s population. They must ensure that companies develop products for such poorer segments of the community and possibly build an element of cross-subsidy for them. Government companies can take the lead in this matter and catalyze new products for the poor and lower middle class as they have done in the past.

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Thirdly the regulators should also encourage NGOs, Co-operatives and other collectives to inter into the health insurance business and develop products for the poor as well as for the middle class employed in the services sector such as education, transportation, retailing etc and the self employed. This could be run as no-profit-no loss basis similar to the scheme pioneered by Indian Medical Association for its members. Special licenses will have to be given to NGO for this purpose without insisting on the minimum capital norms, which are for commercial insurance companies.


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