Roles of safeguarding Know, support and protect children

Roles of different agencies involved in safeguarding the welfare of children and young peopleSchool: Develop children’s awareness and their knowledge of what is acceptable ornot(using the internet)Provide opportunities for professional training of all staff relating of safeguardingKnow, support and protect children who are identified at riskObserve any signs of abuses happeningMonitor, keep records and share appropriate information with other agenciesThe police: Decide whether a crime has been committed, emergency action- child in danger and attend court to provide evidence.Health visitors: Health visitors can sometimes be the first person to see sign of abuse, especially physical. They must carry out a full medical examination of a victim who is thought to be at risk of abuse or who has suffered from abuse.Nurses: Nurses are well-placed to identify children and young people who may be at risk, and to act to safeguard them. Nurses and other health professional should be familiar with localReferral arrangement, usually to children’s social care.

Doctors: This guidance sets out the child protection responsibilities of all doctors. it includes advice on:Identifying children and young people at risk of, or suffering, abuses or neglectMeeting the communication needs of children, young people and parentConfidentiality and sharing informationGiving evidence in courtSocial service: They should hold child Protection Conferences, Interviews with child and family, they have to act when child is thought to be in immediate danger. The National Society for the Protection of Children(NSPCC): A wide range of voluntary organisation involved in safeguarding the welfare of children and young people. They provide service to support families and children, helping people to call when worried about a child and take action when children are at risk of abuse.

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