Romeo feel emotions and loss of life. Shakespeare

Romeo and Juliet are one of Shakespeare most famous tragic plays, in which there are two lovers named Romeo and Juliet but their family’s hatred for each other forced them apart. So, they decide to commit suicide under tragic conditions. The tragedy in the play Romeo and Juliet can be contributed to multiple people in the plays as well as social and historical context. In the play Shakespeare makes the reader feel emotions and loss of life. Shakespeare delivers the plays tragedy through fate and inevitability.

Love plays large part in the play as both Romeo and Juliet consider committing suicide for each other. When Romeo is banned from Verona (act 3, scene 3) he brings a knife with him because he said that he would not be able to live his life without Juliet and Juliet considers the same thing before she drinks the vial that would help her fake her death as to not marry Paris. “If all else fails, myself have power to die” (Act 3, Scene 5). The tragic choice of taking one’s life for another has shown that Romeos and Juliet’s love for each other is so strong that they would choose to sacrifice they own lives to protect it. The theme of love shows that as much happiness as it could bring it can bring just as much destruction in the play. From the opening of the play Romeo and Juliet, it is clearly stated in the prologue that the two family’s hate each other this is evident when Shakespeare says “ancient grudge” (Prologue) of which nobody’s knows the actual reason that the families are feuding. When Mercutio and Romeo dual Tybalt in the streets which results in Tybalts death his lasts words where “a plague on both your houses “(Act 3, Scene 1).

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Tybalt’s death showed the reality of just how toxic the feud between the Capulets and Montagues had become because now Tybalt was going to die. After the Incident in the street lady Capulet dies from all the grief, it is another death that could have been avoided if the fight never happened. Then when Paris find Romeo enters Juliet’s tomb he challenges Romeo to a sword fight in which he loses his life too. Frair Lawrence is a key factor in the tradey of Romeo and Juliet because of his good intentions for both of them. For example when he syas “To turn you households to racoure pure love” (Act 2, Scence 3). This quite shows one of Fraire larences good intentetion for Romeo and Juliet because he belived that by marrying them the familys would have to end the feude and get along with echother.However,


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