Romeo and Paris? The tragedy of Romeo and

Romeo and Juliet, the story of one love sprung from two hates, has brought about many conflicting ideas on who’s to blame. Who’s to blame for the deaths of not only Romeo and Juliet, but on also Mercutio, Tybalt, and Paris? The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet can be brought back to one overall concept. All the characters are at fault for their own rash tendencies and behaviors for the deaths in Shakespeare’s novel. For specification it’s believed those decisions of Romeo and Juliet have to most impact on their effects but this is not entirely the case. It cannot be said that Romeo solely is the villain or Mercutio started the down spiral of events. It is every dynamic character small or large in the novel that has effect over the ending results.

Bert Cardullo, a writer for modern literary studies, suggests their deaths fall on the hands of Friar Laurence by stating, “The Friar’s intentions are good; by joining lovers in marriage, but he acts without considering fully the possible consequences” and goes on to suggest more ideas of the topic as well. This passion Friar had to join the two lovers together for the sake of feuding families was in good spirits but lead to unthinkable effects. However, Friar cannot make Romeo or Juliet take part in his decision.

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He simply reinforced their thoughts that it was a good idea to get married which soon-after lead to the multiplying actions of dangerous spontaneity from the two and their deaths. 


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