Romeo in. Both were teens not mature enough

Romeo and Juliet’s relationship was used with intention to stop the never ending feud between the two families. Friar Laurence states “For this alliance may so happy prove to turn your households’ rancour to pure love.” (2.

3.91-92). Instead of being supportive of the two and helping them confront their parents, the Friar marries the two in secret without thinking things through. He should’ve taken time to rethink and better understand the situation the two were in. Both were teens not mature enough yet to understand love, this being the first time they felt such strong feelings. They could’ve easily fell out of love as quickly as they fell in love.

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An example being Romeo so quickly to turn from weeping over Rosaline to a love sick puppy following after Juliet. The Friar knew about Rosaline and Romeo’s unrequited love for her and Romeo’s love of poetry which is often discussed as him trying to recreate the feelings he read about. If he had waited a couple days he would have also learnt about Lord Capulet’s desire for Juliet to marry Paris.

Friar Laurence should have made them spend time together, to get to know one another so they can learn more about each other. Instead he takes the easy way out and helps them elope.


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