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Rose, wife to Wall, appears to be the main actor in the movie The Glass Castle as everything in the film seems to revolve around her or her relationships with either the family or the outsiders. She has four children. She has been a lackluster mother and wife, with her main passion being painting. The father of her children was an abusive and an irresponsible husband. Physical and psychological abuse is correlated with the likelihood of a person to becoming neglectful of his or her responsibilities (Browne, 2009).

As a mother, the abuse may have played a part in the mom being unable to do anything for herself or the family. The father kept the family moving all over the country to escape debtors, and the children were kept sane through promises from the dad that he will one day build a glass castle for them. Rose Wall is happy to tag along the father and the children and they run all over the country and she ends up in the streets. Rose Mary Wall’s attitude of free spirit coupled with prolonged abuse may have contributed to her current state of being homeless (Browne, 2009). She has convinced herself that living in the streets and eating leftovers is the only life worth living. She still has a chance to achieve all her aspirations if she can overcome the disillusionment. Mary Wall as her heart at the right place in that she believes it is immoral to waste all that food.

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If she could be helped thinking widely for instance as she deals with her life she thinks on how to organize a bigger group to go to hotels and convince the management to offer them the food remains to feed a bigger group of homeless people, she would find satisfaction (Kottler, Carlson, ; Englar-Carlson, 2013). When her daughter, Jeanette takes her to a big hotel so that they can have a meal, she eats comfortably meaning that she is not averse to people eating in big hotels. However, she believes it is not right for people to eat and waste so much food when the same can be put to better use in feeding the less fortunate. The family forms the largest barrier to Jeanette’s achievement of her goals and aspirations. Jeanette has been the bedrock of her family since she realized that her mother was so harassed by the husband that she could barely function and escaped from reality through painting. Also, she took over the role of the father in the family as the dad proved to be irresponsible and only good at drinking, lying and running away from debtors. The family. The family will prevent her from achieving her goals and aspirations in two ways.

First, they might feel that they still need her and that she does not need to have her own family as she already has one. Secondly, she is so disillusioned with life, and it is serving as a blockage that she is psychologically not able to push through and pursue her goals and aspirations. The critical people and social network in her life are the immediate family and friends, especially the painters. Mom Rose does not routinely interact with many professionals, but the professionals involved in Jeanette’s life are Jeanette’s life will come to play once Jeanette tells the world the matterIn case management, assessment is one of the most important undertakings as it enables the social worker to leverage on the existing strengths to help and support the individual (Laws & O’Donohue, 2016). She has strong convictions about what she considers right living which essentially implies self-reliance. Mary wall does not seem to have a problem with living in house like any other person, but she has made a decision to live a life of self relaince with little attachment.

Secondly Rose is a “free spirit” meaning that she does not like getting attached to places or people “I’m such an excitement addict!” (Walls, 2017, p. 20). The free-spirit character allows her to go past disappointments easily and hurts in life and enjoy life the best way she knows how.

The third clear strength is that she believes that the individual has the power to shape his or her destiny by the decisions and actions they take and that people can decide on the kind of life they want to live. She does not take kindly the pessimistic views of people who are always complaining about their situations and life in general. Jeanett’s mother has notable weaknesses most of which are the flip side of her strengths. She is a positivist and a realist to the point of being delusional. She sees everything as good to the point that she justifies neglecting her duties as a mother to her children. Secondly, her being a free-spirit makes her feel tied down by the family, and literary abandon them to their own devices. She is not very good at a painting which is her first love, but her optimistic and delusional mind has convinced her that she is the best thing to happen to painting since Pablo Picasso.

ReflectionWhile watching the movie in the light of case management studies, I was struck by how different the movie looked like when I last watched it. The differences arise out of the knowledge I possess after got through the course. Previously I watched this movie intent on identifying the main actors, and once identified, I sat back and waited for the person to win, despite the challenges placed along the route of achieving the objective. After Case Management studies, I watched the movie, which I had earlier seen with new eyes.

I would look at the character and analyse the underlying problems he or she might be facing, strengths and weaknesses and even think about possible interventions on the person’s case. The story of the mother arrested my attention as she had all the hallmarks of a candidate for homeless case management (Gaetz, 2014). In Rose’s case, she is on the street by choice as well as due to the tough economic times she is going through. Any person trying to rehabilitee Rose will face headwinds, especially if she is set in her mind that living a settled life is akin to being denied freedom of movement. Also, she has strong convictions that throwing away food remains is immoral and eating in big hotels is decadence. Before a case manager develops a case management plan, he needs to ensure that the person is willing to be helped as the case manager should not be seen to be making decisions for the client (Holosko, 2018). The most effective engagement with the homeless is through the application of client-centred case management approach in which the client has a major input in the decisions affecting him or her life.

(News from the National Case Management Network of Canada NCMN Hopes to Partner with Veterans Affairs Canada, 2012).


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